How to Make Kratom Extract at Home

Kratom extracts— a concentrated form of the substance made from kratom powder or leaves — have become exceedingly popular in the past few years, with more people than ever showing interest in this natural herb.

And while reputable kratom vendors offer varieties of kratom extracts for you to enjoy, that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt making your own!

We’ll explore a few different methods of how to make kratom extract at home and discuss an extensive ingredient list and step-by-step guide!

How to Make Kratom Extract By Making Tea

Steeping kratom powder in water to make tea is the simplest way to make kratom extract at home; however, it’s not the most effective if you want a potent concentrate.

This method results in the least-potent extract, even if you allow it to steep for an extended period. One benefit of this extraction process is that you can easily add different flavors and combine various kratom strains to create a unique drink.

If you try making kratom extract this way, don’t let your water get too hot — boiling water can break down the alkaloids you want to concentrate, losing them in the process.

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How to Make Kratom Extract Using a Water-Based Process

Making a water-based kratom extract takes more time and effort than using the tea method but also results in a more concentrated end product. That said, making kratom extract this way is not too tricky — you’ll need kratom leaves and water.

Choose the amount of kratom leaves you want to use for how potent you want your concoction to be, mix them with water, and store them in a dark space for a couple of weeks. After approximately half the liquid evaporates, you can strain the remnants of the kratom leaves and enjoy your extract!

How to Make Kratom Extract at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide to the “Red Bubble” Method

The “Red Bubble” method of making kratom extract is one of the simplest, safest, and most effective ways to start creating your own custom kratom extracts. Plus, there are no high-tech requirements, and you likely already have the materials you’ll need in your home!

What You’ll Need to Make This Kratom Extract

  • A container like glass or Pyrex that can safely go in the freezer
  • Kratom powder — You can use any strain, but ensure that you get this from a high-quality vendor that tests all of their kratom powder in a certified lab.
  • Lemon juice to break down the kratom plant matter — you can also use other edible solvents, like lime juice or vinegar.
  • Distilled water — it doesn’t contain the minerals commonly found in tap water that can reduce the quality of your kratom extract.
  • Finally, a freezer!

  • Now, you’re ready to make kratom extract from the comfort of your home.

    Four Steps to Creating a “Red Bubble” Kratom Extract

    1. Take your freezer-safe container and add your kratom powder and lemon juice (or other solvent) in equal amounts; for example, if you use 3 teaspoons of powder, mix it with the same amount of solvent. After mixing, it should look like pancake batter, but if it seems too thick, you can add a little extra lemon juice.
    2. Next, you’ll want to heat your distilled water — while you can use cool or room-temperature water, hot (not boiling) water works best.
    3. During this step, you’ll notice your extract starts turning red; this is why we call it the “Red Bubble” method! When adding the water to your solution, you’ll want to use approximately the same amount as the kratom powder + the solvent. So, if you used 3 teaspoons of each, you would add about 6 teaspoons of distilled water.
    4. Finally, allow your mixture to cool down to around room temperature before placing it in the freezer. Once it freezes completely (around half a day), you need to remove the plant matter from the container and thaw out your extract. While still frozen, carefully use a sharp, serrated knife to cut the layer of plant matter from the bottom of your kratom mixture and discard it before letting the layer of goodness thaw completely.

    That’s it! What’s left is a tiny amount of plant matter and a kratom extract full of the alkaloids that we all love.

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    How to Make Kratom Extract With the Resin Extraction Method

    Another popular way to make kratom extract at home is by creating a resin; this resin leaves you with heavily concentrated kratom, but it’s also more challenging to make properly.

    This process starts off the same as the “Red Bubble” method but varies once you take the kratom extract out of the freezer. Rather than slicing off the bottom layer, you heat up the frozen kratom again, add slightly more liquids, and strain it once the newly added ingredients evaporate.

    Then, you’ll want to pour that mixture into a dish to bake it at 150 degrees Fahrenheit — watch it closely; once the water evaporates, a thick, concentrated kratom resin extract will be left for you to enjoy.

    How to Store Your Homemade Kratom Extract

    No matter which method you use, if you don’t store your extract properly, it will quickly lose potency. 

    Kratom extracts dislike light, so you should store them in dark bottles away from direct or indirect light sources. You also want to keep them away from strong smells and oxygen by storing them in airtight containers — both of which can make your extract lose potency.

    Final Tips for Making Kratom Extract at Home

    While making kratom extract at home can be a fun project, it’s also not as safe as purchasing products from a reliable vendor. Creating and measuring the alkaloid concentrations in kratom extracts is complex, which is why we don’t generally recommend making them at home. 

    So, if you decide to make kratom extract yourself, start with small amounts — we suggest using no more than 15g of dried kratom leaves per ounce of liquid you use in your mixture.

    Don’t want to chance it? We don’t blame you. Get your premade, high-quality, and all-natural kratom shots and gummies here!

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