What Are Kratom Edibles? How to Make Them

There are a lot of reasons to love Kratom edibles. Between the tasty, finger-licking-good flavor and the exciting effects of the Kratom itself, edibles are one of the most fun ways to consume Kratom. That's why edibles in general have seen such high demand.

I​n 2022, there was a 10% spike in edible purchases for the cannabis market. As Kratom becomes more popular, it’s likely that similar trends are soon to occur. 

But what exactly counts as an edible? And, for those who are a little daring in the kitchen, how does one make a Kratom edible? In this post, we'll detail the ins and outs of Kratom edibles, so you become an edible expert.

What Are Kratom Edibles? 

Because most Kratom comes in powder or extract form, all you have to do to make a Kratom edible is to put the extract in any baked good or food item. Then you eat, enjoy, and voila! You’ve consumed a Kratom edible.

As a result, there are plenty of products you can experiment with. Most people think of laced brownies or cookies when they think of edibles. While Kratom edibles tend to be of the baked dessert variety, now people are cooking Kratom powder into just about anything, like milkshakes, fruit smoothies, or even acai bowls.

T​here's no wrong way to consume Kratom, so long as you nail the flavors and the texture of whatever concoction you’re creating.

Kratom Edibles vs. Flower, Gummies, and Tea - Which is Best For You 

Nowadays, there are seemingly endless ways to consume Kratom. From traditional methods like brewed tea with Kratom leaf, smoking Kratom flower, or ingesting Kratom by eating spiked gummies or baked goods, any way you want to consume Kratom, you can!

But which way is the best? It depends on what you're looking for. You'll have much better quantity control when you either bake or buy Kratom edibles or gummies. This is because the manufacturer has measured down to the gram. And as any Kratom fan knows, the dose really determines what effects you'll be feeling.

If you want the Kratom to hit your system sooner rather than later, smoking Kratom is the way to go as with this method it directly enters your bloodstream.

This is because the smoke will be entering through your lungs and airway, and it'll hit your system faster and allow you to get that Kratom high sooner.  Edibles and tea are slow burns as your digestive system has to process it, and if you've had a big meal recently, that can take a few hours.

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H​ow to Make Kratom Edibles 

Sometimes, baking your own Kratom edibles can be a fun experience! Flex your cooking skills and get to baking by following these tips below.

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Choose a Flavor, Any Flavor 

Okay, don't choose any flavor. (If you pick a mild flavor like cucumber, your edible will taste very, very strange). But, there is a wide range of flavors that you can pair Kratom with to either cancel out that bitter flavor or pair it so it no longer tastes like a tree leaf but a more complex, palatable flavor.

Though we love it, we've got to admit that Kratom is an intensely bitter flavor. When easing the bitter taste out, go for acidity. Lemon juice fresh or vinegar does an excellent job at neutralizing bitter flavors. You can also try other ingredients like dark chocolate, coffee, honey, avocado, citrus, and more.

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Choose Your Vehicle 

D​o you like brownies? Cookies? A popsicle? There are many different types of desserts or treats to infuse Kratom in. Many people like to go for thick, fatty, moist dessert items like chocolate brownies or cupcakes. But anything you can think of, even down to a fancy juice, can elevate your flavor. 

Stalk The Internet 

N​ow that you've decided on your flavor profile and what type of edible you want to make, it's time to search for recipes! Most edibles are baked, and baking is a pretty exact science. In that regard, this is no time to wing it. Google recipes like chocolate coffee fudge brownies, make the recipe and then put the Kratom powder into the batter. Bake, eat, and enjoy! 


T​his is the most delicious step. Remember that low doses of Kratom elicit a stimulant effect whereas a higher dose mimics sedatives. Even though your baked good may be delicious, be sure not to eat the whole edible in one sitting if you put an excess of powder or extract in the mixture. 

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W​hat is Kratom? 

Kratom is an herbal extract that is derived from Southeast Asian tree Mitragyna speciosa. Traditionally, people chew or suck on the tree leaves, or they grind it up into powder.

Now that Kratom is becoming more popular, more people are finding different ways to consume this drug. It can now be found as a liquid remedy for muscle pain, edibles, or more. 

However, be careful with your consumption, your dosing levels, and frequency. Too much Kratom can lead to some unpleasant side effects. 

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The Bottom Line 

Once you nail the flavor combinations, Kratom edibles can be incredibly delicious. There's nothing like finding that perfect flavor combination that perfectly accentuates the Kratom flavor by dialing back the bitterness and boosting the sweetness. Try your hand at making a Kratom edible today!

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