10 Awesome Kava Benefits to Know

Kava is a plant native to the Pacific Islands that has been used for centuries to relieve stress and anxiety. This traditional drink can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being; in fact, one study discovered that it may be as effective as prescription anti-anxiety medications!

But did you know that kava has a plethora of other advantages? This blog post will go over amazing potential kava benefits to help you make an informed decision about incorporating this natural remedy into your wellness routine.

Here are ten amazing kava benefits you should be aware of:

1. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

One of kava's most well-known advantages is its ability to alleviate anxiety and stress. Kava has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety in several clinical trials, and it may be as effective as prescription medications in treating generalized anxiety disorder. Kava works by increasing neurotransmitter levels in the brain, such as GABA, which helps to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

2. Helps with Sleep 

Kava has also been shown to help with sleep. It may help to relax muscles, calm racing thoughts, and improve sleep quality. This makes it an excellent natural alternative to prescription sleep medications, which can have negative side effects and become habit-forming.

3. Relieves Menopausal Symptoms 

Kava may also be beneficial to women experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Kava was found to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women in a clinical trial.

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4. Improves Cognition

Kava has been shown to improve cognition, including memory, attention, and reaction time. In a study of healthy volunteers, those who took kava supplements outperformed those who took a placebo on memory and attention tasks.

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5. May Alleviate ADHD Symptoms

Kava may be beneficial to people who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In a small clinical trial, children with ADHD who took kava supplements outperformed those who took a placebo in terms of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

6. May help with depression symptoms

Kava has been studied for its ability to help with depression symptoms. Kava was found to be effective in reducing depression symptoms in people with major depressive disorder in a clinical trial.

7. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Kava has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it potentially useful for conditions such as arthritis and asthma. In a study of people with osteoarthritis, those who took kava supplements had less joint pain and better mobility than those who took a placebo.

8. Antioxidant properties

Kava may have antioxidant properties that can help protect the body from free radical damage and promote overall health. According to one study, kava extract has a stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin C.

9. May Help with Cardiovascular Health

Kava may help with cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and increasing cholesterol levels. In a clinical trial, people with high blood pressure who took kava supplements had lower blood pressure than those who took a placebo.

10. May Have Skin-protective Properties

Kava has been studied for its ability to protect the skin from UV radiation damage. In one study, it was discovered that kava extract reduced the formation of sunburn cells and skin redness in human skin cells exposed to UV radiation.

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Finding Good Kava

When looking for high-quality kava, it's critical to consider both the source and the method of preparation. The best kava is grown in the Pacific islands and prepared in traditional ways, such as pounding or grinding the roots into a fine powder and then mixing it with water.

This preserves the active compounds in the kava and ensures a high-quality final product. It is also critical to select a reputable kava supplier. Some kava companies may use additives or fillers in their products, which can reduce the purity and effectiveness of the kava. Before purchasing kava products, it is always a good idea to research a company's reputation and read reviews.

Look for kava products that have been certified by independent organizations such as the American Kava Association, which sets quality and purity standards for kava products.

Kava's Negative Effects

When consumed, kava, like any other substance, can have negative side effects. After taking kava, some people may experience digestive upset, such as nausea or stomach discomfort.

Kava can also cause more serious side effects, such as liver damage, in rare cases. It's worth noting that the majority of cases of liver damage associated with kava use have occurred in people who ingested kava products that were contaminated or prepared using traditional methods that involved the use of solvents.

To reduce the risk of side effects, choose high-quality kava products prepared using traditional methods and adhere to the recommended dosage guidelines. It's also a good idea to check with your doctor before taking kava, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking any medications.

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Getting the Most Out of Kava

Kava has a long and storied history of use as a traditional herbal remedy, and modern science is finally catching up to what ancient cultures have known all along: kava root has a wide range of potential health benefits.

There are numerous reasons to try kava, from reducing stress and anxiety to promoting better sleep and possibly alleviating pain. What are you waiting for? Check out our site to try a kava pre-made drink today!

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