Kava on Full or Empty Stomach: Which is Better?

If you're looking for a natural way to relax, destress, and live a happier life, then Kava is an excellent option. But when it comes down to taking Kava correctly in order to promote relaxation and mental clarity - do you take it on a full stomach or empty stomach? It's important to understand the difference between these two options so that you can take advantage of all the benefits Kava has to offer & maximize your results. Read on as we delve into this subject and explain why each choice may be better depending on your goals!

How Does Kava Work

Kava is renowned for the way it relaxes our muscles and calms our minds, inducing a zen-like condition while simultaneously enhancing our mental sharpness. Kavalactones, a component found in no other food or beverage on the globe, are the primary reason kava is so effective at this.

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Kavalactones are unique to the kava plant. There are a total of eighteen kavalactones, with six performing the majority of the beneficial function. These are the six highly-active kavalactones:

  • Methysticin
  • Yangonin
  • Kavain
  • Dihydromethysticin
  • Desmethoxyyangonin
  • Dihydrokavain

Various kavalactones have distinct physiological effects on the human body. This is essential knowledge for understanding the effects and operation of kava. The aroma and appearance of most brewed kavas are immediately earthy. Once you take a sip, there is no doubt that brewed kava is derived from a root. Shortly after ingesting your first few sips of kava, you will notice that something strange is occurring in your mouth. Because of dihydrokavain and kavain kavalactones, your tongue and lips will become temporarily numb. Each of them causes blood vessels in the affected area to constrict, and as a result, the kavalactones function as an anesthetic.

To attain mental and physical relaxation, our bodies require the coordinated action of all six previously described kavalactones. The consequences of the six potent kavalactones doing their job are a mentally clear and concentrated mind and a relaxed body. Kavalactones have an effect on the limbic system. The limbic system is the region of the brain that is frequently associated with motivation, emotion, and emotional behavior. Within the limbic system, the amygdala is responsible for regulating our anxiety and fear. Kavalactones function to inhibit certain limbic system receptors. This component of kava is crucial for reducing anxiety symptoms and assisting our body to maintain a relaxed state of zen. There are around 100 kava plant kinds. Each variant contains a unique mix of kavalactones. The combinations are separated into chemotypes that indicate the concentrations of kavalactones from highest to lowest. The chemotype describes the expected effects of the kava you are purchasing on the average person. It will also indicate which island in the South Pacific grew and harvested the kava in question.

Essentially, the kavalactones present in the kava root are responsible for the euphoric calmness that is unique to kava consumption. It has been demonstrated that kava reduces stress and anxiety symptoms. A single kavalactone cannot induce zen; rather, it is the combination of various kavalactones that produces the meditative state.

Is Kava More Effective on an Empty Stomach or a Full Stomach?

The majority of individuals will tell you that kava is more effective when consumed on an empty stomach. This is because food in the stomach will prevent the kava from being absorbed. Drinking kava on an empty stomach necessitates that you abstain from eating or drinking anything other than water for four hours prior to consuming the kava. And keep in mind that kava is a diuretic, so you should continue to drink water before, during, and after drinking kava. When the stomach is empty, kava can be absorbed into the body considerably more rapidly. The kavalactones are able to enter the bloodstream and immediately begin their beneficial effects.

What Happens When Kava Is Consumed on a Full Stomach?

People who have tried kava on a full stomach have said many different things about it. Most of them would agree that kava is much less effective once it has been used. If you want to eat before drinking kava, you should wait about four hours. Now, many people swear that eating a small amount of food makes the effects of kava last longer. They think that since kava is taken in more slowly, its effects will last longer. You will hear from these people that their kava is not nearly as strong. For some, this is how they prefer their kava. If you were to visit the island of Vanuatu, the islanders would advise you not to have food before drinking kava. You may consume breakfast and lunch, but not dinner before consuming your traditional kava shell. Some individuals choose to consume a small food prior to using kava because it irritates their stomach. If drinking kava causes you to feel nauseated, you should definitely eat a tiny piece of fruit or a little snack before drinking kava.

Getting The Most Of Your Kava Experience 

In conclusion, it is important to consider how Kava is consumed combined with the individual preference and digestion. Taking Kava on an empty stomach will typically increase its effects. However, this can lead to adverse reactions such as nausea or indigestion. Experienced kava drinkers often suggest consuming Kava after a small meal, preferably with some healthy fats to help absorb its components. Additionally, users should start off slowly with low doses and slowly adjust their consumption according to mood and need. Experimentation is key to finding the perfect balance for kava consumption. If you're looking for an effective way to get all the benefits of Kava without having to prepare it, try Shot of Joy's Kratom & Kava Shot! This amazing blend of natural herbs offers a convenient and powerful energy boost. 

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