Kava for Anxiety: Can Kava Cure It?

Do you have anxiety, but don’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals or anti-anxiety medication to manage it? Have you heard of kava and wondered if this traditional root could help ease your symptoms? If so, then read on. In this post we’ll be exploring the potential benefits of kava as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) remedy, discussing how it works, outlining its known side effects, and detailing whether or not kava can provide long lasting relief for individuals suffering from chronic anxiety. With more and more people turning to alternative medicine solutions like kava for anxiety relief, understanding how it works is essential for getting maximum benefits from its use. So get comfortable and let's dive in!

What is Kava? 

Kava is a plant that grows in the South Pacific Islands. It has traditionally been used in ceremonies and as an herbal remedy for insomnia, pain relief, and even mental clarity. The active ingredient in kava is called kavalactones, which are believed to be responsible for its calming effects. Modern scientific research has confirmed that indeed, taking kava can reduce anxiety levels significantly. 

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What Causes Anxiety? 

Anxiety has many different causes and can range from mild uneasiness to severe distress. Some common causes of anxiety include stress, trauma, genetics, certain medications, health problems, and substance abuse. In some cases, it can also be caused by underlying mental health issues such as depression or bipolar disorder. No matter what the cause is, the symptoms of anxiety can be debilitating and interfere with daily life. Symptoms may include feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with everyday tasks; excessive worry; difficulty focusing; trouble sleeping; racing thoughts; irritability; muscle tension; nausea; trembling; sweating; and light-headedness. 

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How Kava Effects Anxiety

Kava is an herbal supplement that derives from the Piper methysticum root, a plant native to the South Pacific islands. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its calming effects on the body and mind. Studies have shown that kava is effective in reducing stress-related symptoms such as insomnia and mood swings. Additionally, some studies suggest that kava may reduce feelings of anxiousness and improve overall quality of life in those who suffer from anxiety disorders. The exact mechanism by which kavalactones work is still largely unknown but scientists believe it affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain associated with relaxation and stress reduction. 

It should be noted that while kava has been found to be beneficial in treating anxiety symptoms in some individuals, it is not recommended for everyone. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking kava as it can have unknown effects on developing babies/infants. Additionally, those with liver disease should consult their doctor before taking kava supplements as they may interact with other drugs or aggravate existing liver damage.

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How Safe Is Kava? 

While there is some evidence to suggest that taking large doses of kavalactones may cause liver damage, most experts agree that using moderate amounts of kava root extract is safe when taken under the supervision of your healthcare provider. As with any supplement or medication, it's important to talk to your doctor before starting a new treatment plan involving herbs or supplements such as kava root extract. 

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Using Fresh Kava

Freshness Just as with any other food or beverage product, freshness matters when it comes to buying quality kava. You should always buy your supplies from a trusted source that has regular deliveries so that you know you’re getting fresh products every time. Look for companies that package their own product onsite so you can be sure it’s fresh and up to standards before it arrives at your doorstep.

Finding Quality Kava

What To Look For 

When it comes to finding quality kava, there are several factors to consider. First, make sure that the brand you purchase uses only pure root material in their product – no stems or leaves should be mixed in. It’s also important to check the level of alkaloids present in the kava; this will give you an indication of its potency and efficacy. Additionally, you should look for third-party testing results on the product’s label or website – this will ensure that it meets safety standards and contains no contaminants or adulterants. 

Where To Buy Kava 

The best place to buy kava is from a reputable online source or local retailer who specializes in selling only high-quality products. You should avoid buying from chain stores or convenience stores, as these establishments often carry low-grade products that may not provide the desired effects. If possible, try to buy directly from an independent farmer or supplier who can provide detailed information about their products and answer any questions you may have regarding purity and potency levels. 

Kava Grinding 

Once you’ve purchased your kava root powder, it’s important to grind it properly so that it can be consumed correctly. The best way to do this is by using a coffee grinder – just remember not to use the same one for grinding coffee beans! Start off by adding small amounts of root powder into the grinder and pulse until it reaches a fine consistency – similar to flour or sugar. This will help ensure maximum absorption when consuming your kava drink and ensure that all of its beneficial compounds are released into your system properly.

Using Kava For Anxiety

Kava root is an ancient herb that has been used to treat anxiety for centuries. Today, modern science has confirmed what many already knew—that taking moderate amounts of this powerful herb can help alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety such as racing thoughts and restlessness. If you're struggling with anxiety, kava may be worth trying. Kava is generally safe when taken in moderate amounts, but it can cause liver damage if taken in large doses or over a long period of time. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking kava, and start with a small dose to see how you react. If you're looking to try kava, we have a pre-made drink on our site that's perfect for beginners. Click here to check it out!

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