Kava Reverse Tolerance Explained

Some people don’t experience the beneficial effects of kava when they first start taking it. One possible explanation for this is that their bodies may have a kava reverse tolerance.

But don’t worry if this applies to you. We’ll explain what kava reverse tolerance is and how you can benefit from it in the long term.

What is Kava Reverse Tolerance?

Reverse tolerance for kava happens when your body needs time to adapt to the effects of the kavalactones. For a small group of new users, this may mean that you don’t feel any effects from taking kava because your body needs more exposure.

After taking kava for a few days to a week, your results should progressively get stronger.

Kava reverse tolerance can also develop in long-term kava users. When this happens, your body has become more sensitive to the active ingredients in the kava, and you will be able to drink a lower dosage of kava over time while still receiving the same benefits.

Everyone’s reverse tolerance is different. So it may take a few days or weeks of drinking kava regularly before you can feel the effects or lower your dosage to feel the same effects.

How Long Does Kava Take to Work?

Most people feel the effects of kava within fifteen to thirty minutes. When the kava first begins to take effect, your mouth or lips may feel a bit tingly or numb. The stronger your kava dosage, the more you will feel the numbing sensation.

Then feelings of euphoria and relaxation will wash over you from your head to your feet. These effects will continue to build for about two hours. And depending on the strength and dosage, you’ll continue to feel the effects for about three hours.

Some of the most beneficial natural effects of taking kava include:

  • Feeling relaxed, calm, and sometimes euphoric
  • Increasing dopamine levels
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Feeling in a better mood and having the ability to cope
  • Relaxing muscle tightness and calming heart palpitations
  • Feeling ready to sleep

Because kava can create a calm state of mind, many people enjoy taking it before bedtime to help them sleep or combat insomnia. A recent study also shows that kava can also help reduce anxiety.

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Is Kava Reverse Tolerance Dangerous?

Kava reverse tolerance is not dangerous. It just means your body may resist the effects more when you first start or become more susceptible to their effects over time.

If you realize that the effects are getting stronger over time, you may want to reduce your dosage. Your body will normalize over time as it becomes more accustomed to taking kava.

How Long To Overcome Kava Reverse Tolerance?

Overcoming kava reverse tolerance will take time. It can take anywhere from one to four weeks before your body normalizes. Several factors will influence how long this could take:

  • Your body chemistry
  • Your metabolism
  • Strength of your kava dosage

You can’t control your body chemistry and metabolism, but you can manage your dosage. So if the kava is more robust than you need, reduce your dosage.

And if you feel no effect as a first-time user, you can increase your dosage. 

But we don’t recommend going over the recommended daily allowance of no more than 250 milligrams.

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What are the Long Term Effect of Kava?

While kava is safe and natural, government agencies caution users not to take kava for longer than three months because of its long-term effects. For chronic or long-term users, kava can cause:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Alterations to your red and white blood cells
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Dermatitis
  • Weight loss
  • Compromised immune system
  • Motivation loss

Can Kava Reverse Tolerance Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, you may fail a drug test if you regularly drink high doses of kava. A study found that kavalactones can give a false positive for amphetamine-type substances. But you must have a lot of kava in your system to trigger the false positive. 

If you have a reverse tolerance to kava, then you’ll want to reduce your dosage so that you don’t trigger a false positive on a drug test.

Can You Get a DUI from Drinking Kava?

Most states do not test for kava, so there won’t be any conclusive proof of driving under the influence of kava. But you should not drive while under the influence of kava for your safety.

study found using kava and then driving can significantly increase your chances of being in a severe accident by four times because of the delayed response time.

What to Do if You Experience Kava Reverse Tolerance

If it is your first time taking kava and you experience reverse tolerance where you feel no effect. There are a some things you can do to break through the reverse tolerance:

Use a stronger or higher dosage of kava for a couple of days

Take the kava on an empty stomach to accelerate the absorption

Take kava a couple of times a day to help your body accept the effects.

Once the effects set in, you can gradually reduce your dosage until the desired effect is reached.

Don’t Worry If You Experience Kava Reverse Tolerance

If you suspect that you have kava reverse tolerance, it’s okay. You can continue to take kava for a week or so to help your body adapt to the kava. Then with time, you’ll be able to reduce your dosage for the same desired effect. 

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