Kratom Potentiators: How to Potentiate Your Kratom

If you’re wondering how to potentiate your kratom, you likely already know about its benefits and include it in your daily routine — so we’ll skip over all that in this article. That said, if you’re new to kratom, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide instead of worrying about getting more potent effects from our favorite natural herb.

Kratom potentiators can help make your experience more potent and last longer, so get ready to get more of a kick out of your favorite kratom products with the best kratom potentiators!

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The Best Kratom Potentiators to Enhance Your Experience

Kratom potentiators are ingredients or methods of consumption that you can use to make your kratom more potent and longer lasting. This potentiating effect means you can use smaller doses or enjoy the effects of kratom throughout the day.

Whether you’re wishing for better sleep, sharper focus, or the motivation to make it through the word day, these kratom potentiators can help you get the most out of your daily dose!

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Boost Your Kratom With Caffeine

Many of us start our morning with some caffeine, whether it’s coffee, tea, or another tasty energy source. This caffeine is the perfect kratom potentiator to start your morning strong!

If you’re struggling to find the focus and motivation you need, mixing kratom and caffeine will help you get through the day. But remember that too much sugar isn’t a great mix for caffeine and kratom — you might want to tone down the sweetness for this combination.

Add Some Turmeric

Turmeric is a fantastic spice that acts as a kratom potentiator, but it also has other beneficial health properties that make it an excellent addition to your daily routine.

If you aren’t a fan of the bitterness of turmeric and kratom, you can combine them into capsules for easy consumption. Plus, you can add black pepper to these capsules, as it contains piperine, which helps your kratom last longer due to its effects on metabolizing the alkaloids.

Or, if the bitterness doesn’t bother you, you can add a teaspoon of turmeric and kratom to your favorite drink!

Try It With Citrus

It’s not uncommon to start the morning with a glass of grapefruit juice, and it happens to be a powerful kratom potentiator.

Plus, grapefruit offers many health benefits; it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes that enhance kratom’s alkaloids.

Orange juice is also an excellent kratom potentiator, and the sweetness can help mask the bitter taste of kratom. You can even add some lime or lemon to your kratom tea to gain the benefits of their citrus kratom-enhancing properties.

Relax More With Chamomile Tea

Many kratom enthusiasts already drink their daily dose with tea regularly; however, adding chamomile into the mix can help enhance its effects even more! When you combine chamomile with your favorite relaxing strain of kratom, the result is the perfect nighttime drink.

You can even add some citrus, like lemon or lime, to further potentiate the effects to help ensure you get a peaceful, tranquil evening.

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Spice It Up With Cayenne

Like turmeric, cayenne pepper is an excellent kratom potentiator; however, it does have a strong, spicy taste.

So unless you’re up for some heat, start small — for example, one teaspoon of cayenne for every gram of kratom powder you use.

Or, if you want to experience the potentiating effects of cayenne pepper without the spice, you can combine it with kratom powder by making your own capsules.

Snack on Some Watercress

Watercress isn’t very popular, but it contains many nutrients that are great for your well-being and act as strong kratom potentiators.

While you can mix kratom and watercress in capsules, the best way to take advantage of its potentiating effects is to combine watercress lettuce with your kratom. The taste can be quite bitter, however, but choosing the right salad dressing can minimize the bitterness.

Combine Kratom With Other Natural Herbs

While not an extremely well-known remedy, the Inca use a natural herb called cat’s claw to treat inflammation and infection. However, it contains alkaloids that are extremely similar to the ones found in kratom, making them one of the best natural potentiators.

Cat’s claw is bitter, though, so you’ll likely want to add it to something with a little sweetness before mixing in your dose of kratom. You can mix a liquid extract with your kratom or add cat’s claw powder and kratom into your favorite juice or tea.

Chill With Chilled Kratom

Did you know that your freezer is a kratom potentiator, too? The extreme cold breaks down kratom’s cell walls, meaning it releases its alkaloids more quickly when consumed. 

Mix a small amount of water and acidic juice (grapefruit, orange, lemon, etc.) with your kratom powder and freeze it to make a paste. After about 30 minutes in the freezer, you can thaw the mixture and combine it with tea, water, or juice to experience the kratom’s enhanced effects.

Mix in Some Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people use apple cider vinegar daily because of its many health benefits. Who knew that it would also be a kratom potentiator? You do now!

Because most of us aren’t a fan of how apple cider vinegar tastes, you can add a small amount to water with honey, lemon juice, or cinnamon to help mask the acidic taste.

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A Better Experience Starts With Better Kratom

While these kratom potentiators are an excellent way to enhance your experience, they won’t work as well if you don’t use high-quality kratom.

The first step to having a better experience starts with purchasing pure, fresh products from a reliable source.

So why settle for a lesser experience? Get your high-quality kratom shots and gummies to combine with your favorite kratom potentiators!

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