5 Best Kratom for ADHD: Top Strains & Dosage

Are you looking for a natural way to help relieve the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Kratom has been gaining popularity as an alternative to more traditional medications, and it may be just what you've been searching for.

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the five best strains of kratom for ADHD, plus share some helpful tips on dosage and usage so that you can have the best outcome possible. Keep reading if you're interested in learning how kratom can help with ADHD management!

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia that has been linked to potential health benefits. It comes in various strains, each with its own set of characteristics. Some strains are believed to be more tranquil and soothing, while others deliver an energy boost.

Finding the proper strain of kratom can help people with ADHD manage their symptoms. Red-vein strains are generally regarded as relaxing, green-vein strains are energetic, and white strains combine the two.

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Here are the top five strains of kratom that may help manage ADHD:

1. Red Bali Kratom 

This strain is well-known for its calming and pain-relieving characteristics. It can assist ADHD patients in relaxing and enhancing their mood. Because it is a slow-release strain, it is best consumed in the night or afternoon.

2. Red Borneo Kratom

This red strain is milder than Red Bali and has relaxing properties that can assist ADHD patients in relaxing and unwinding. It can also aid with depressive symptoms and anxiety reduction.

3. Green Maeng Da Kratom

This strain improves mental clarity and can be consumed daily without inducing sedation. It can help persons with ADHD socialize more easily and enhance their confidence.

4. White Horn Kratom 

This strain can aid with depression symptoms and give mental clarity, attention, and attentiveness to persons with ADHD.

5. Red Sumatra Kratom

This strain functions as a mild stimulant without the adverse side effects associated with pharmaceutical medicines. It offers relaxation and comfort without being overpowering, making it an excellent choice for persons with ADHD who desire the relaxing qualities of a red strain without feeling sedated.

It is crucial to note that kratom has not been cleared by the FDA for any medical application and may have dangers and adverse effects. It's also not legal in every state. Before using kratom or any other supplement, it is always essential to consult with a healthcare expert.

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Understanding ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental illness characterized by issues with attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. These symptoms can have a significant impact on an individual's everyday functioning, making tasks such as time management, remaining focused, and task completion more difficult.

ADHD is most typically diagnosed in children, but it can also be diagnosed in people who have had the illness since infancy but have never been identified. Poor time management, impulsivity, distractibility, hyperactivity, low frustration tolerance, difficulty keeping on topic in conversations, forgetfulness, and difficulties focusing are all symptoms of ADHD.

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Managing ADHD

There are numerous treatments available to manage and alleviate ADHD symptoms. In addition to pharmaceutical treatments such as Vyvanse and Adderall, there are non-stimulant-based medication management choices and treatment approaches.

Vyvanse is a slow-release stimulant that can help restore neurotransmitter balance in the brain. Simultaneously, Adderall is a stimulant that alters the equilibrium of crucial natural molecules in the brain. Both of these medications efficiently address many of the symptoms of ADHD.

However, they can also cause significant adverse effects such as decreased appetite, insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety, irritability, nausea, nervousness, and even addiction. Non-stimulant medications such as atomoxetine and antidepressants such as nortriptyline can also be used to treat ADHD, particularly when stimulants fail to work or produce too many unpleasant side effects.

These drugs assist in raising norepinephrine levels in the brain, which can improve memory and attention. Working with a healthcare professional to establish the best treatment option for ADHD based on an individual's personal requirements and circumstances is essential.

Kratom & The Body

Kratom is a plant-based drug with a variety of effects on the body. Because kratom contains various active components, the effects vary depending on the dose and the individual. This section addresses how kratom could be a natural solution for ADHD management.

Some users claim that kratom has helped them reduce the symptoms of ADHD, such as boosting focus and soothing restlessness. Furthermore, kratom has been shown to increase mood and reduce anxiety.   

Mental Clarity

Kratom has been used to promote mental clarity. This can aid with decision-making, focus, and remaining on track. The type of kratom strain used can influence the level of mental clarity experienced. White strains are believed to deliver the most mental clarity but may not provide significant pain relief.

Green strains provide a good mix of mental clarity and pain alleviation. Red strains provide sedative pain alleviation but may not provide as much mental clarity. White strains may be the most effective for those with ADHD for boosting mental clarity, but the best strain ultimately depends on the individual's exact symptoms and demands.  

Reducing Anxiety

Kratom is frequently claimed to alleviate anxiety in users, with the benefits evident within 2 to 5 hours of intake. In contrast to certain prescription drugs, kratom does not have the potential to exacerbate anxiety symptoms in some people. Instead, it may aid in reducing anxiety and increase mood.   


Kratom, particularly green strain variants, may aid in the improvement of focus and concentration in people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It may also be useful in lowering anxiety and depression symptoms. Green strains of kratom may be an excellent alternative to investigate for those looking to boost their attention. It should be noted that the effects of kratom vary depending on the individual and the strain utilized.

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Using Kratom For ADHD

Some feel that kratom, a natural substance, can help with the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For this purpose, white strains, red Sumatra, and green Maeng Da are often employed. More research is needed, however, to understand the potential adverse effects and long-term health ramifications of kratom use.

While some people have reported excellent results from taking kratom to self-treat ADHD, the usefulness of kratom as a replacement for prescription medication varies from person to person. It is critical to use kratom with caution and to begin with a tiny dose to properly evaluate its effects. Visit our store today if you want to try some kratom!

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