5 Best Kratom Gummies: Find the Top Sellers

Though the benefits of Kratom are profound, sometimes companies cut corners and use subpar products, which can produce Kratom that contains heavy metals or life-threatening bacteria.

That's why it's paramount to trust your source. And the best way to achieve that sense of comfort and confidence is to only buy from top Kratom sellers.

Find out how to discover the top Kratom sellers, and who we think the top contenders are, below.

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What Makes a Good Kratom Seller? 

Many aspects make a Kratom seller exceptional. For example, if they show transparency in their testing process by making their third-party lab results readily available shows a lot of good faith. It’s also worth checking out their shipping process, and how many options they have in terms of taste and flavor. 

Third-Party Testing 

By now, you probably already know that seedy companies can whip up a good marketing scheme but may still present insidious products that are rife with bacteria or are teeming with harsh metals like nickel or lead.

So, how can you tell the difference between a company that says they care about your health from the companies that actually do?

Third-party testing. Though Kratom isn't federally regulated (yet), responsible companies test their Kratom products with an unbiased, third-party lab to measure levels of toxic elements, metals, bacteria, by-products, or other nasty stuff that can make consumers ill.

Many of these companies will then post their lab results on their website so that customers can know that their Kratom is safe to use.

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You might be lucky and live in a state where Kratom is legal and readily available on the shelf at your local cannabis dispensary. But depending on your state, finding a Kratom seller in person may be next to impossible.

As a result, most people buy Kratom gummies online from vetted companies and distributors to work around this roadblock.

Therefore, consider the implications of buying and shipping Kratom from a different state. You should find a seller that presents cost-effective, speedy shipping options.

And, since the product may be traveling thousands of miles, prioritize companies with fair policies on damaged goods.

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Taste, Flavor, and Options 

When you want Kratom gummies, you don't want to taste the flavor of dried Kratom leaves. What you want are fresh, sweet flavors that pop and stimulate your palette.

Since Kratom is so new, many sellers have a minimal supply of Kratom products and, as a result, gummy flavors. Don't settle! Choose a seller that has ample products and flavors so you can taste and enjoy the consumption process.

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Shot of Joy 

Okay, let’s toot our own horn for a moment. We’ve quickly earned a reputation for offering customers quality products with an emphasis on transparency. That’s because we’re dedicated to an unparalleled commitment to quality, and we never compromise when it comes to our Kratom products.

Whether Kratom gummies or a Kratom shot, each item is crafted with all-natural ingredients, has low sugar and calorie content, and we prepare these products with the highest-quality lab-tested components.

So far, it’s been effective. Out of 1130 online reviews, we are proud to announce we have 5 out of 5 stars.

Lastly? Our company is risk-free as each product has a money-back guarantee.

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Kraken Kratom 

If you've been in the Kratom circle for a while, you've probably heard of Kraken Kratom. This family-owned business was one of the first U.S. Kratom companies and was the first to be recognized by the AKA for complying with the GMP program.

Their attention to detail and safety doesn't go unnoticed by customers. With over 800 glowing online reviews and a 4.78/5 rating on ResellerRatings, Kraken Kratom has earned a spotless reputation for delivering quality products at a reasonable price.

The Calm Leaf 

The most exciting element of Calm Leaf is its detailed, up-to-date lab results from a reliable third-party lab. You can download a report for each of their products, and all of them are up to date within a year.

T​hey also give discounts to people in need like veterans, low-income, disabled, senior citizens, medical personnel, and first responders, and ship Kratom products in discreet packages.

However, all sales are final, and there is no expedited shipping. Additionally, they only have two gummy products.

Tusk Kratom 

Tusk Kratom is another lab that offers up lab reports. It's transparency like this that makes customers feel much safer and comfortable. You can easily download the lab report for each of their Kratom products, in which you can see the name of the lab, the date of the report, and more key findings. 

Another benefit is that Tusk produces some of the most potent, strong Kratom extract on the market. However, some customers say it’s too strong and need a milder option. 


When you order gummies from Kratora, you can expect to enjoy all-natural, fresh, potent, and organic Kratom.

All of their flavors are exciting and fresh, like tropical fruit gummies or green citrus tea gummies. They also have an exciting rewards program for exceptionally loyal customers.  

The big downside of Kratora? They can have a heavy price tag. Additionally, the company is vague when detailing its rewards program, which makes many customers think they're leaving something out.


Final Thoughts 

Since Kratom is so new (for recreational consumption in the United States), you can never be too careful when sourcing your Kratom gummies. Always buy from top sellers and be cognizant of companies who don't test their ingredients or release their lab results. 

When in doubt, consult your doctor. Also, make sure to do research on the types and effects of each strain as they differ quite a bit.

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