Stop Energy Vampires Anywhere (No Garlic Needed)

What Is a Vampire of Energy?

Energy vampires are those who drain your emotional energy, sometimes on purpose. They thrive on your readiness to care for and listen to them, leaving you drained and overburdened. There are energy vampires everywhere and in everyone. They may be your spouse or your closest companion.

They could be your co-worker or your neighbor. Learning how to recognize and react to this poisonous behavior can help you conserve energy and avoid a great deal of mental and physical discomfort. Learn how an energy vampire operates and what you should do next by reading on.

They Do Not Accept Responsibility.

Typically, energy vampires are charismatic. Due to their charisma, they may be able to avoid trouble when it arises. They are clever and likely to place blame on others in practically any circumstance. They never accept responsibility for their part in any dispute or problem. You are frequently left with the burden of guilt and possibly blame.

For instance:

  • "I cannot believe that no one has gotten this properly. What a humiliation!"
  • “I simply sat there. I'm still unsure of what I did to make him so angry with me.”

They Love Drama

Energy vampires are perpetually embroiled in a catastrophe, their emotional and theatrical conduct propelling them from target to target. When they have landed on you, they hope you will absorb their drama, fix it, and right their ship.

For instance:

  • "Why am I always the target of everyone's ire? I do not merit this."
  • "I simply can't stand it any longer. Ellen has ceased communicating with me despite my innocence. Why can't everyone be as courteous as you are?"

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They Always Try To Surpass You.

An energy vampire despises being outdone and dislikes sharing the spotlight. This is one of their several narcissistic characteristics. They have difficulty experiencing true delight for another individual. Instead, they choose to draw energy in order to satisfy their emotional needs.

For instance:

  • "This is extremely good news. In addition to applying for a new job today, I truly need assistance with my resume. Would you mind reviewing it?"
  • "So pleased for you! I only need three more qualifications to catch up to you!"

They minimize your issues and exaggerate their own Energy vampires feed on your emotional vitality. And when you are depressed or upset, your energy reserves diminish. To extract the most energy from you, energy vampires will refocus the conversation on themselves, using your dismay as an emotional banquet.

For instance:

  • "I am aware that your job does not pay well, but at least it is enjoyable. You must assist me in finding a new one."
  • "I understand that you're quite busy at work, but I need to speak with you tonight about this matter with Mark."

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They Act Like Martyrs

Energy vampires lay all of their difficulties on the shoulders of others. They do not acknowledge their involvement in their troubles.

They want emotional help to improve their sense of self-worth.

For instance:

  • "He is perpetually unreasonable. "No matter how hard I try, it's never enough."
  • “This day began poorly and progressively grew worse.”

They Utilize Your Generosity Against You

Sensitive and caring individuals are good candidates for energy vampires. You provide an attentive ear, a generous heart, and boundless energy. In this manner, energy vampires exploit your very nature to steal your vitality.

For instance:

  • They dominate your attention at every social gathering in order to extract as much of your energy as possible.
  • They ask frequently for coffee or dinner dates because they know you will feel bad if you decline.

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They Employ Guilt or Ultimatums

Energy vampires frequently use guilt to obtain what they desire. They are aware that shame is an effective weapon against sensitive and loving individuals. Similarly, ultimatums are an effective approach to get someone's attention and persuade them to do something they may not otherwise want to do.

For instance:

  • "I have no idea how you want me to survive without you. I'll fall apart."
  • “If you truly care about me, you will call him and tell him that I adore him.”

They Are Interdependent

Every action in a codependent relationship is intended to evoke a specific response from the other person. It is a vicious circle of activity, yet energy vampires are rarely aware of their participation. They exploit these interactions, which are frequently romantic, to perpetuate a cycle of drama and emotional need.

For instance:

  • "I realize this isn't a healthy relationship, but it's so much better than learning to date again and getting over him."
  • If I simply ignore him for a few days, he will definitely beg for forgiveness and return.”

They Criticize or Intimidate

Energy vampires are frequently uneasy at their heart. They may also employ degrading tactics and criticisms to maintain the insecurity of their "victim." You feel as though you owe them your attention and should continue working to halt the unjustified attacks.

For instance:

  • "I was very naive to have expected more from you. Why don't you treat me like trash when everyone else does?"
  • "I warned you from the beginning that you were in over your head."

They Frighten

Some energy vampires resort to intimidation when they need to stir up emotional fuel. Intimidation is a step removed from criticism and bullying. Fear is a powerful emotional response. If an energy vampire is able to irritate you, they can boost their ego.

For instance:

  • "I will not repeat this to you again and again."
  • "You don't deserve a promotion. You do not demonstrate that you truly desire it."

Why It Is Important and What to Do

Energy vampires place high demands on the individuals they target.This persistent drain on your resources can have a discernible impact on your health. Over time, stress can cause anxiety, depression, heart disease, and other conditions. Therefore, it is essential to identify the behaviors and then attempt to eliminate them.


Although this may initially be easier said than done, you may and should create areas of your life where you will not allow an energy vampire. Do not accept invitations to supper or coffee dates. Avoid weekend excursions and extended gatherings where they will be present. You can minimize interactions with your coworker by declining lunch invitations and avoiding their workspace. You may need to start small and concentrate on a few areas before expanding.

Adjust Your Expectations

You cannot repair an energy vampire, but you may adjust your expectations of them. This may necessitate closing your emotional valve and refraining from offering advice when they share their concerns with you. This may also imply that you cannot utilize them for emotional release. They will want to return the favor.

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Stopping Energy Vampires  

In conclusion, stopping energy vampires anywhere has proven to be a daunting task. Fortunately, we can take advantage of simple strategies like getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and having a positive attitude—without needing garlic or other mystical methods. At the same time, look into natural sources of energy like the Kratom & Kava Shot from Shot of Joy. This natural drink can offer hours of energizing effects without sugar crashes or getting addicted to caffeine.

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