Tired After Work? How to Have More Energy

Eight or more daily work hours can leave you tired or exhausted. Whether it's dealing with coworkers, assisting clients, or gazing at a computer screen all day, work demands can sap your vitality, leaving you unable to prepare supper, care for your children, or enjoy your spare time. There may be various reasons for your weariness if you feel exhausted after work.

Occasionally, this weariness may occur during hectic times when you are overworked and under-rested. In other instances, additional factors may be at play. In either case, determining the cause of your after-work exhaustion is necessary to safeguard your physical and emotional health. This article examines the causes of post-work fatigue and the steps that can be taken to feel less drained.

Signs You're Too Tired After Work

After a long day, it is sometimes easy to recognize when you are more exhausted than you should be. You may have little energy to do more than order takeout and watch television until bedtime when you return home. However, there are further indications that you are overly exhausted after work, such as:

  • Having difficulty managing your emotions at day's end Having difficulty focusing your vision2
  • Inability to concentrate in the afternoons and nights
  • Having trouble making even simple judgments
  • Engaging in rash behavior without proper consideration
  • Feelings of forgetfulness
  • Feeling perpetually hungry
  • Not knowing why you're feeling frazzled and tense
  • Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night

Reasons You Are Exhausted After Work

The amount and quality of sleep you receive each night, your overall health, and the nature of your employment can all affect your energy levels during the day. If you are battling to maintain your energy towards the end of the workday, investigate whether any of the following things may be draining your energy.

Staying Up Late

Possible cause of your afternoon and evening fatigue is staying up too late the night before. This practice is known as revenge bedtime procrastination. In certain circumstances, people stay up late to get time to themselves because they do not have time during the workweek.

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Depression or Anxiety

Depression can disrupt sleep patterns and energy levels. If you are sad, you may have difficulty falling or staying asleep each night, which can contribute to daytime drowsiness issues. Depression is frequently characterized by fatigue, energy loss, and decreased interest or pleasure in formerly enjoyable after-work activities.

Anxiety can also interfere with sleep, and studies indicate that a lack of sleep can exacerbate anxiety levels. This vicious cycle can subsequently hinder your capacity to obtain sufficient rest each night, leaving you exhausted during the day and at night. Additionally, having excessive anxiety during the day can be draining and leave you feeling drained or fatigued.

Constant Socialization

Being socially active during the day might be exhausting, especially if you are an introvert. Where extroverts derive energy from social interaction, introverts rapidly become fatigued.

Workplace Tension

Workplace stress can wear you down during the day, leaving you too exhausted after work to do much more than put your feet up, surf through your phone, or watch television.

This tension can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health over time.

Unhealthy work-life balance

If you feel as though you are constantly bringing work home with you, this may suggest a lack of balance between your professional and personal lives. Consider all the times you think about work when you're not at work, grumble about annoying coworkers, or fret about tasks you need to complete at home. Or every time you've brought work home and utilized your personal time to complete it.

It is customary to discuss work after hours, but studies suggest that the manner in which you do so might alter both your mood and your work-life boundaries. Negative chats about work contribute to low mood at bedtime and the next morning, so adding to feelings of burnout and fatigue the following day. All of this ruminating impairs your ability to maintain a high level of energy throughout your time away from work.

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Work That Is Physically or Mentally Demanding

Physically or mentally demanding jobs can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. The sheer tiredness caused by the demands of your profession may explain why you are so exhausted at the end of each day.


On the other hand, a monotonous profession with minimal difficulties might also lead to tiredness. You may leave work feeling unmotivated, unproductive, and underappreciated, which can carry over into your non-work hours (afternoons, nights, and weekends).

Lack of Self-care

If you neglect your physical and mental health, you are more likely to feel exhausted at the end of the day. Although it can be difficult to do so when feeling fatigued, engaging in regular exercise and consuming nutritious foods can assist increase energy levels.

According to research, sedentary behavior contributes to exhaustion and makes it more difficult to achieve restful sleep at night.

Absence of Breaks

Too much time spent on work-related activities can quickly deplete one's energy. If you do not take breaks or do not use these breaks effectively, you may struggle with feelings of weariness when you leave work.

Excessive Caffeine and Sugar

It is tempting to rely on caffeine or high-sugar snacks to help you get through the day when you are exhausted. Sadly, this can frequently backfire, leaving you feeling even more weary when the effects wear off.

Frequent Sources of Fatigue

There are, fortunately, measures you can do to protect your energy levels and stop feeling so exhausted after work.

Keep Work to Work

If you are prone to worrying about work even while you are at home, look for strategies to separate your professional life from your personal life. Remind yourself that tomorrow it will still be there. Mentally disengaging from work has been demonstrated to boost life satisfaction and minimize psychological stress without impairing work effectiveness.

Perform a Daily Ritual

An after-work ritual can be an excellent way to decompress and establish a separation between work and the remainder of the day. It could be as simple as taking an afternoon stroll or talking on the phone with a loved one.

In addition to ensuring that your house is a happy and restful environment, reducing the stress that may be causing you to feel weary can be achieved by ensuring that your home is a pleasant and restful environment. According to a study, persons who describe their houses as restful have lower cortisol levels and fewer depressive symptoms.


Mindfulness is a discipline characterized by nonjudgmental attention to the present moment. It can help you let go of stressful sensations and become more aware of how you feel in the present.

Enjoy Something You Like

Rewarding yourself with something you enjoy is a terrific approach to counteract feelings of fatigue and give yourself something to look forward to. If you have something to look forward to after work, you may be able to maintain your motivation and energy levels throughout the day.

Get Sufficient Sleep

It is essential to obtain the needed amount of sleep each night. Examine potential sleep-depriving variables if you are having trouble sleeping. Is your bedroom a quiet, conducive-to-sleep environment? Each day, do you go to bed and wake up at the same time? Evenings without caffeine and alcoholic beverages? Developing healthy sleep patterns helps ensure that you have the necessary rest to power through the day.

Try Herbal Supplements

The Kratom & Kava Shot from Shot of Joy is ideal for those who battle with exhaustion after a hard day of work. The unique combination of kratom and kava in the shot offers a natural source of energy without the jitters or crashes associated with conventional energy drinks.

The combination of all-natural substances helps the body recharge, minimizing symptoms of exhaustion and offering continuous energy for the remainder of the evening. Shot of Joy's Kratom & Kava Shot is an excellent way to obtain natural energy, leaving you feeling invigorated and renewed.

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Quick Energy-Boosters

Tips that can help you stay energized once you clock out for the day include:

  • Squeeze in a morning workout—it will help you stay energized all day long
  • Crank up a high-energy song while you tackle a small task at home
  • Spend a few minutes stretching to get the blood flowing and help ease muscle tension in your body
  • Get some fresh air by going for a quick walk around the neighborhood

When to Get Help

If you have altered your lifestyle but continue to experience significant fatigue after work, it is time to consult a professional. Consult your physician regarding your symptoms. In addition to discussing lifestyle variables that may affect your energy levels, your doctor will do a physical examination and laboratory testing to rule out medical illnesses that may be causing you to feel fatigued.

Some conditions that can lead to symptoms of fatigue include:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Certain medications
  • Diseases or infections (e.g., HIV, cancer)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Certain vitamin deficiencies
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Your doctor can recommend treatments that can help or refer you to a mental health professional if they believe that your tiredness might be caused by a mental health condition.

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 We hope this post has been informative and given you some great tips on how to maintain more energy even after a long day at work. From physical activity, dietary changes, and restful sleep, there are many things we can do to stay energetic throughout the day.

Additionally, herbal supplements such as kratom and kava can also help provide natural energy without the crash. For those looking for an easy energy solution without resorting back to coffee or energy drinks, try Shot of Joy's Kratom & Kava Shot. It's loaded with natural goodness that helps kick away draggy feelings and boosts energy. Give it a try - your body will thank you!

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