Discover the Best Kava Bars in Arizona

Kava bars provide a welcoming atmosphere to socialize, unwind, and explore this ancient drink's benefits, making it a must-try experience for anyone seeking a different and enjoyable outing in Arizona.

Awa Kava Bar

218 S San Francisco St Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Awa Kava Bar, established in late 2019, is Flagstaff's first and only kava bar, introducing Northern Arizona to the traditional roots of kava consumption. Kava, a plant native to the central Pacific Islands, is harvested and processed into a calming beverage that has been used culturally for centuries. Awa Kava Bar provides a warm and inviting space for patrons to experience the soothing effects of kava, known for alleviating anxiety and stress. With a commitment to the community, Awa hosts fundraising events, live music performances, and social gatherings, offering a taste of the South Pacific's rich culture through its selection of kava brews, botanical teas, and coffee alternatives.

Lacuna Kava Bar

821 N 3rd Street, Suite 12 Phoenix, AZ 85004

Lacuna Kava Bar in Phoenix opened its doors in 2018, quickly becoming a popular destination for botanical wellness solutions and community engagement. The name "Lacuna" denotes a space or gap, capturing the essence of their establishment as a community space by day and a botanical elixir lounge by night. Founder Chase Brendle, a seasoned entrepreneur and culture creator, envisions Lacuna as a bridge between the modern world and traditional plant-based wellness. Responsible sourcing of all-natural botanicals ensures a conscious and earth-friendly approach to their diverse menu. With a focus on intentional experiences and fostering a sense of community, Lacuna Kava Bar offers a variety of elixirs designed to serve specific purposes, complemented by a thoughtfully curated playlist to elevate the vibe. Their mission is to introduce people to the time-honored practices of botanical wellness and social interaction, creating a unique and unmatched botanical elixir experience.

The Kava Bar

4376 E Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85712

Tucson's first kava bar, aptly named The Kava Bar, debuted at 4376 E. Speedway Blvd in November 2019, offering a welcoming space for relaxation, socialization, and enjoyment. Having a second downtown location called The Kava Den, kava bars have become a popular place for experiencing kava in various delightful forms. Co-owned by Whitney and Kevin Marx, who discovered their love for kava in Asheville, North Carolina, The Kava Bar serves up a selection of non-alcoholic "kocktails" and traditional kava brews, encouraging patrons to view it as a refreshing alternative to conventional bars.ation in the heart of Naples.

History of Kava in Arizona

Kava, with its rich history rooted in the age-old customs of the South Pacific islands, has found its way to Arizona in more recent times. The early 2000s witnessed a growing interest in natural remedies for stress and anxiety in the United States, including Arizona, leading to the surging popularity of kava. This, in turn, gave rise to the establishment of kava bars across different states, offering people a communal space to come together and savor the calming effects of this ancient beverage.

Enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Arizona swiftly recognized the potential of introducing kava to their local community. As a result, kava bars began popping up in cities like Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson, providing a delightful glimpse into the vibrant culture and timeless traditions of the South Pacific.

Today, these kava bars in Arizona are thriving, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Inside their doors, patrons find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing them to explore a diverse range of kava preparations ‚Äď from traditional brews to kava-infused cocktails and unique concoctions. Embracing the essence of kava culture, these bars create an environment of relaxation, fostering social connections, and offering an extraordinary experience that transports visitors to the distant shores of the Pacific islands.

Although kava's history in Arizona is relatively brief, its presence and popularity continue to grow steadily. As more people are introduced to this age-old tradition of kava consumption, they are treated to a refreshing and culturally enriching experience right in the heart of the desert state.

Is Kava Legal in Arizona?

As of September 2021, the legal status of kava in Arizona allows for its consumption and sale. Kava is not classified as a controlled substance in the state, and there are no specific laws or regulations prohibiting its use. This has paved the way for the establishment and growth of kava bars in various cities throughout Arizona. These kava bars provide a social setting where individuals can enjoy kava beverages, including traditional kava brews and kava-infused cocktails. However, it's important to note that regulations and legal status can change over time, so it's advisable to stay informed about any updates or changes in kava's legal status in Arizona.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Arizona

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Where do I buy Kava in Arizona?

You can buy Kava at any of the bars recommended above. However, if it’s too far there’s other options. Conveniently take Kava on the go or at home with Shot of Joy’s Kava Shot which is legal in all 50 states.