About us

Shot of Joy was created to help people bring back the joy in their lives that is often lost in stress, work, and our world that gets faster and faster everyday.

We believe that everyone deserves a moment to celebrate their life, appreciate what they have been given, shed the weight of the day-to-day, and simply slow down and be happy.

We’re mindful people that want everyone to excel in every aspect of their life... emotionally, physically, spiritually, professionally and with their family and friends.

We believe good things happen when you’re in a good state of mind. We sincerely hope that Shot of Joy helps you as much as it has helped us.  

 We refuse to cut corners, which means our drink is all-natural, low in sugar, low calorie, uses the highest-quality lab tested ingredients and is served in plastic-free bottles. We are constantly working to improve all of our products to deliver you a better experience with every order.