Affiliate Terms



  1. Agreement. These Shot of Joy Affiliate Program Terms of Service (“Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement between Shot of Joy (“Company”) and the Affiliates (“Affiliates”) who are participating in the Shot of Joy Affiliate Program (“Program”). By participating in the Program, Affiliates agree to be bound by these Terms. 
  2. Program Overview. The Program allows Affiliates to earn commissions (“Commissions”) for referring customers to purchase products from Company’s website (“Website”). Affiliates will be given a unique link (“Affiliate Link”) that they can share with potential customers. When customers purchase products through the Affiliate Link, Affiliates will earn Commissions. 
  3. Eligibility. To be eligible to participate in the Program, Affiliates must be at least 18 years old and have an active account with the Company. Company reserves the right to refuse participation to any Affiliate for any reason, in its sole discretion. 
  4. Affiliate Links. Affiliates will be provided with a unique Affiliate Link that they can use to refer customers to the Company's Website. Affiliates may not modify or edit the Affiliate Link in any way. Affiliates are prohibited from using Affiliate Links for any purpose other than referring customers to Company’s Website. 
  5. Commissions. Affiliates will be paid a commission for each customer who purchases a product through the Affiliate Link. The amount of the Commission will be agreed upon by Company and Affiliate prior to the start of the Program. Commissions will be paid out on a monthly basis. 
  6. Affiliate Responsibilities. Affiliates are solely responsible for their conduct while participating in the Program. Affiliates must not engage in any deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activity. Affiliates may not use any unsolicited commercial email (“spam”) to promote Company’s Website or products. Affiliates must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 
  7. Termination. Company reserves the right to terminate the Program or any Affiliate’s participation in the Program at any time and for any reason, in its sole discretion. Upon termination, any unpaid Commissions will be forfeited.
  8. Disclaimer of Warranties. Company does not make any representations or warranties with respect to the Program or the products offered on Company’s Website. Affiliates participate in the Program at their own risk. 
  9. Limitation of Liability. Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damages arising out of or in connection with the Program or the products offered on Company’s Website. 
  10. Governing Law. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of [California], without regard to its conflict of law provisions. By participating in the Program, Affiliates agree to be bound by these Terms.