Discover the Best Kava Bars in California

For those curious about kava, California offers numerous bars where you can learn about this traditional drink. The vibrant atmosphere of a kava bar is a unique space to socialize and understand the cultural traditions of kava in a welcoming setting.

Mystic Water Kava Bar

7561 Center Ave #6, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Originating in Hollywood, Florida, in 2009 under the vision of Avigdor Weber, Mystic Water Kava Bar & Yoga Studio has carved a niche for itself in California. Sourcing kava from Fiji's Wakaya Island, Mystic Water provides more than just a beverage – it offers a distinctive experience. As Avigdor Weber puts it, enjoying their kava feels like "drinking a massage." The venue, adorned with banyan trees, art, and mystical books, also hosts holistic health classes such as yoga and qigong. With its unique blend of kava bar and cultural space, Mystic Water invites visitors on an enriching journey, marking it as a must-visit for those intrigued by kava.

Kava Collective

1731 University Ave San Diego, CA 92103

Since its inception in 2019, Kava Collective in San Diego stands as more than a tea house. It merges the vibes of a lounge, sober bar, and café. Serving kava drinks made from ethically sourced ingredients, Kava Collective champions an inclusive ambiance where guests can relax and mingle. Their wide variety of kava offerings is complemented by diverse community events, from book signings and art exhibits to yoga and bingo nights. As a venue, it offers an alternative experience, resonating with individuals looking for novel spaces.

Melo Melo Kava Bar

3264 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA 94610

Recognized as the Bay Area's original nakamal, or Kava bar, Melo Melo has been a fixture since 2013. With locations in Oakland and Santa Cruz, Melo Melo has cultivated close relationships with stakeholders in the South Pacific Islands, emphasizing fair trade and sustainability. Their dedication to celebrating the traditional essence of kava, combined with a friendly atmosphere, has garnered them a devoted community. They remain a premier destination for those keen to learn about kava's rich traditions in California.

History of Kava in California

Kava's journey in California is a tale of cultural exchange and an evolving appreciation for global traditions. Known for its diverse culture, California emerged as a receptive environment for kava – a drink with Pacific Island origins. Over time, kava bars started establishing themselves as novel spaces where individuals could gather and learn about this Pacific Island beverage. Today, urban areas like San Diego, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area host several kava bars, each bringing its interpretation of the traditional kava ambiance.

Is Kava Legal in California?

Kava is legal to consume and possess in California, consistent with federal guidelines. However, potential patrons should be aware of the FDA's advisory from 2002, highlighting potential concerns associated with Kava-containing products. While the FDA hasn't endorsed Kava for therapeutic purposes, it is not listed as a controlled substance either. Those interested in trying kava are advised to gather comprehensive information, and when in doubt, consult with professionals before use.

Where to buy kava wholesale in California

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Where do I buy Kava in California?

Those curious about trying kava can explore any of the above-mentioned bars. Additionally, for those who prefer convenient options, Shot of Joy’s Kava Shot offers an alternative to traditional preparation methods. Before making any purchase, always ensure to verify the legality and guidelines of products in your respective state.