Discover the Best Kava Bars in Colorado

If you're in Colorado, you might want to explore the vibrant world of kava and visit a kava bar to experience its unique blend of relaxation and social interaction. Kava is known for its calming properties, offering a natural way to unwind and connect with others, making it a great option for those seeking a refreshing and holistic experience.

Ohana Kava Bar

112 E Boulder St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The Ohana Kava Bar is a welcoming establishment founded by Clark, a former registered nurse who followed his dream to create Colorado Springs' premier kava bar. Clark has been a kava enthusiast for over 20 years and attributes many benefits to this beverage. He sources only the finest natural ingredients from islands like Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea. Ohana Kava Bar, established in 2015, has quickly expanded to a second location within three years and continues to inspire a global kava community. The cozy ambiance at Ohana Kava Bar immediately envelops visitors with a sense of warmth and familiarity, fostering a sense of community over a cup of kava. This establishment is known for its aromatic tea options and welcoming staff, providing a space where artists find inspiration, businesspeople discover tranquility, and everyone feels like family.

Kavasutra Kava Bar

1232 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80218

Kavasutra Kava Bar stands out as one of America's premier kava bars, with several locations across Florida, New York, Colorado, and Arizona. They are dedicated to honoring the ancient tradition of kava ceremonies that date back thousands of years. Kavasutra prides itself on serving only the highest grade of kava root, sourced directly from Vanuatu. Their kava, renowned for its superior quality, is made fresh daily in-house and served in half coconut shells, respecting the customs of the South Pacific. Kavasutra provides a tranquil and relaxing environment where patrons can enjoy a shell of kava and experience a welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere.

The Root Kava Co.

1641 28th Street Boulder, CO 80301

The Root Kava Co. was established in 2018 by a group of kava enthusiasts and proudly holds the title of Boulder's first traditional kava bar. They offer top-quality teas and Noble kava while promoting kava culture and providing a friendly environment for enjoying this traditional beverage's benefits. The Root Kava Co. sources its kava from the best growers in the South Pacific, ensuring its natural potency and flavor are preserved through careful harvesting and processing. Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the company works closely with suppliers to ensure ethical and environmentally-friendly production. Beyond providing high-quality kava products, The Root Kava Co. also hosts a variety of local events including music acts, art shows, and game nights, serving as a community hub for Boulder residents.

History of Kava in Colorado

The introduction of kava, a plant indigenous to the Pacific Islands scientifically known as Piper methysticum, to Colorado is a relatively recent development. This aligns with the growing interest in natural and alternative health solutions in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Colorado's kava history has been characterized by a blossoming interest in natural remedies and holistic experiences. Over time, a network of kava bars has emerged in various cities across the state. These establishments offer residents and visitors alike a unique ambiance for relaxation, social interactions, and the enjoyment of kava's calming effects. Moreover, the accessibility of kava has expanded beyond just physical venues. Consumers can now conveniently purchase kava from trusted online companies such as Shot of Joy or find kava supplements in local wellness stores. This provides a plethora of ways to experience this ancient Pacific beverage and appreciate its cultural importance in today's society.

Is Kava Legal in Colorado?

In Colorado, as in the rest of the United States, Kava is currently legal for consumption and possession. However, it's crucial for consumers to be aware of the history and the advisory warning issued by the FDA in 2002 concerning Kava. The FDA issued this cautionary advice due to potential health risks associated with Kava-containing products, including reported cases of liver toxicity in some individuals who consumed these products. Despite this advisory, Kava has not been classified as a controlled substance, nor has it been approved by the FDA as a medication or dietary supplement. This allows for its legal use and possession in the United States, including Colorado. It is highly recommended to consult a healthcare provider about the potential risks and side effects of using Kava products before incorporating them into your lifestyle.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Colorado

For those seeking wholesale kava products in Colorado, Shot of Joy is your trusted supplier for premium quality kava. We offer a wide variety of wholesale kava options, catering to individuals looking to establish a kava bar, a retail store, or provide this cherished elixir to their clientele.

At Shot of Joy, our primary focus is delivering high-quality kava. Our commitment to authenticity and purity ensures that you receive the genuine essence of kava, bringing an authentic taste of the Pacific to your venture. As a wholesale partner, you will benefit from our expertise and support in navigating the world of kava. We provide personalized assistance to help you select a range of kava products that align with your business goals and customer preferences. With our wholesale offerings, you have the opportunity to create a unique and enchanting kava experience for your patrons, fostering a sense of community and relaxation. By partnering with Shot of Joy, you open up a world of opportunities to share the splendor of this revered ceremonial drink with the people of Colorado. Let us serve as your trusted wholesale supplier, and together, we can spread the joy of kava throughout the state.

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Where do I buy Kava in Colorado?

The recommended kava bars mentioned above are not the exclusive sources for Kava. If these bars are too far from your location, you still have other options to enjoy this beverage. You can conveniently experience Kava anytime, anywhere, with Shot of Joy's Kava Shot. This product is legally available in all 50 states, making it easy for you to enjoy Kava whenever you desire.