Discover the Best Kava Bars in Georgia

If you're in Georgia, trying kava and visiting a kava bar can be a refreshing and enriching experience. Kava is an excellent way to unwind. Kava bars also provide a unique social setting where you can connect with others and immerse yourself in the traditions of this ancient beverage.

Kava Mama

448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW Suite #6, Atlanta, GA 30312

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Kava Mama presents a distinctive touch to the city's beverage scene. Established in 2017, this establishment has the honor of being Atlanta’s first Kava bar, providing an alternative socializing spot for those seeking alcohol-free environments. The essence of Kava Mama lies in its commitment to authenticity. With kava procured directly from Pacific Island farmers, patrons can savor traditional kava preparations in an urban setting. The bar's close ties with regions like Fiji, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea underscore its commitment to honoring and preserving kava's rich history. Conveniently, Atlantans can also benefit from their online ordering system, ensuring they never miss out on this Pacific delight.

Mai Kai Kava Lounge

1035 Baxter St Suite A, Athens, GA 30606

Opening its doors on August 30, 2021, Mai Kai Kava Lounge in Athens swiftly became a local favorite. Visionary owners AJ & Kourtney Ervine have crafted a haven that draws in diverse groups, from creatives and artists to the student crowd of the city. While kava remains its signature offering, the lounge offers more than just a beverage. Patrons can indulge in a plethora of entertainment options, from board & video games to live performances and engaging events like comedy nights and Trivia Nights. With every sip and laugh, it becomes evident that the Ervines have channeled their passion for kava into fostering a vibrant community hub.

Mai Kai Kava Tea Living Room

3196 GA-515, Blairsville, GA 30512

Blairsville's Mai Kai Kava Tea Living Room, another brainchild of AJ & Kourtney Ervine, encapsulates the spirit of its Athens counterpart while adding its unique flair. Open since 2018, this venue captures the essence of Pacific relaxation and community, replete with their specialty Noble-variety kava. Every batch undergoes rigorous lab tests to ensure patrons get nothing but the best in terms of quality and safety. The duo's emphasis isn't just on the beverage but the experience as a whole, making every visit to Mai Kai Kava Tea Living Room a holistic journey into the world of kava.

History of Kava in Georgia

Kava, bearing the scientific name Piper methysticum, originates from the serene Pacific Islands. Over the years, its entrancing allure reached the shores of Georgia, echoing the state's inclination towards diverse, community-centered beverages and experiences. While Georgia's kava culture might still be in its budding stage compared to other regions, its growth trajectory is evident. As of now, three specialized establishments near Atlanta are pioneering this movement, welcoming locals and travelers alike into the kava fold. The state's kava presence is further amplified by online vendors like Shot of Joy, bridging the Pacific and Peach State for every kava enthusiast.

Is Kava Legal in Georgia?

many parts of the United States, Georgians can legally possess and consume Kava. However, potential consumers should be aware of the FDA's 2002 advisory warning about Kava-containing products. The alert stemmed from concerns over potential liver-related health risks. Despite such advisories, kava remains unlisted as a controlled substance in the state. While it doesn't have the FDA's nod as either a medication or a dietary supplement, individuals should always proceed with caution, ensuring they seek guidance from healthcare professionals.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Georgia

For businesses or individuals in Georgia eyeing bulk purchases of kava, Shot of Joy emerges as a commendable choice. Not just a vendor, Shot of Joy positions itself as a bridge between kava's time-honored traditions and the contemporary market. Their in-depth knowledge of kava's nuances becomes an invaluable resource for partners. By collaborating with them, businesses can align their offerings with the genuine spirit of this Pacific treasure. If you envision introducing a novel, authentic experience to your clientele, a partnership with vendors like Shot of Joy could propel you in the right direction.

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Where do I buy Kava in Georgia?

Access to Kava isn't limited to the bars mentioned above. If these establishments are beyond your reach, there's an alternative. Enjoy Kava at your convenience, whether at home or on the go, with Shot of Joy's Kava Shot.