Discover the Best Kava Bars in Illinois

In Illinois, delving into the world of kava and visiting a kava bar can be a refreshing experience. Embrace the soothing properties of kava and engage in social connections with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Juice House

1324 W 18th St #3148, Chicago, IL 60608

Situated in the vibrant Pilsen community of Chicago, Juice House stands as a beacon for health-conscious individuals seeking alternative options like kava. Though Illinois does not have any official kava bars, Juice House has bridged the gap by serving 4oz and 8oz shots of kava, providing an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to experience this traditional Pacific Island beverage. Founded in 2017 by a family deeply rooted in the community, this juice bar has quickly become a beloved destination.

The Juice House's menu goes far beyond kava, offering a wide variety of products that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs. Customers can savor Açaí Bowls, enjoy Vegan Options, or opt for a Customized Juice Cleanse. Those looking for heartier fare will appreciate their Wraps, Soups, Bulletproof Coffee, and Sandwiches. All of these options are crafted with an emphasis on freshness, flavor, and nutritional value.

Natural Life Superstore

2410 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60435

Though not a kava bar, Natural Life Superstore offers kava powders, extracts, and drinks as part of its wide selection of holistic plant-based products. This Florida-based chain of vitamin and supplement retail stores specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) and other holistic plants such as Kratom, Mushrooms, Akuamma, Ginseng, and Ashwagandha. With a strong belief in natural wellness, Natural Life's mission revolves around providing high-quality alternatives to support a healthier lifestyle for all members of the community. Unlike a marijuana dispensary, Natural Life does not require medical marijuana cards to purchase their products and prides itself on making it easy for anyone to have complete access to natural alternative wellness products from around the world. By providing credible information and a variety of products, including kava, Natural Life stands as a distinctive store focused on natural wellness.

History of Kava in Illinois 

The presence of kava in Illinois aligns with the growing interest in natural and alternative health remedies that has been gathering momentum since the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In Illinois, there are no official kava bars, and the state's relationship with kava is primarily connected to a single establishment, Juice House in Chicago, which offers shots of this Pacific Island plant, scientifically known as Piper methysticum. This unique offering provides a space for locals to experience the calming effects of kava and serves as a window into this age-old tradition. While the presence of kava in Illinois is currently limited, it symbolizes a burgeoning appreciation for kava's relaxing properties and cultural significance, and it complements the broader availability of kava products online and in select health and wellness stores. As Juice House continues to thrive and awareness grows, the accessibility and acceptance of kava in Illinois may become a testament to the state's embrace of holistic health and wellness practices.

Is Kava Legal in Illinois?

If you're in Illinois, rest assured that Kava is currently legal for consumption and possession, following the same regulations as the rest of the United States. Nevertheless, it's vital to be aware of Kava's history and the FDA's advisory warning issued in 2002, urging caution due to potential liver toxicity associated with some Kava-containing products. Consulting with a healthcare provider before trying Kava can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Illinois

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Where do I buy Kava in Illinois?

If the suggested businesses are a bit out of reach, don't fret. There are other options to explore. Indulge in the convenience of enjoying Kava at your leisure and in your own space with Shot of Joy's Kava Shot, a perfectly legal and accessible choice in all 50 states. Simply order Shot of Joy online to have Kava delivered to your home in Illinois.