Discover the Best Kava Bars in Missouri

In the heart of Missouri, the world of kava presents an intriguing opportunity for those seeking a serene escape from their daily routines. Kava, deeply rooted in South Pacific tradition, offers a tranquil experience, and kava bars in the state provide the perfect setting to savor this unique beverage.

Kickin' it with Kava

205 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301

Nestled in St. Charles, Kickin' it with Kava has been serving kava enthusiasts since its establishment in 2018. As Missouri's first kava bar, it has become a haven for relaxation and community engagement. This one-of-a-kind establishment seamlessly combines elements of a head shop, coffee shop, and social lounge.

At the heart of Kickin' it with Kava lies the star of the show – kava. This calming beverage, made from the roots of the Polynesian kava plant, has a rich history of use for its soothing and restorative qualities. Here, you can enjoy kava in its traditional form, sipping it from a shell to experience its earthy and euphoric flavors. For those seeking a more customized experience, flavored options are available to cater to diverse palates.

Midtown Kava

1415 W 39th St # d, Kansas City, MO 64111

Established on February 5, 2018, in Kansas City, Midtown Kava is a renowned destination for relaxation and natural healing. While it's owned by CBD American Shaman, Midtown Kava specializes in kava and kratom, two popular natural substances associated with relaxation. Beyond kava and kratom, the bar offers an array of soothing herbal teas and CBD products. Midtown Kava aims to provide a wide selection of wellness items in a relaxing environment, welcoming visitors from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day except Sunday. The establishment prioritizes natural, high-quality ingredients, and customers praise the knowledgeable staff for creating a welcoming atmosphere and offering relief from various ailments.

History of Kava in Missouri

The introduction of kava to Missouri, scientifically known as Piper methysticum, is part of a broader trend toward embracing natural and holistic health remedies. Kava's journey in Missouri is marked by a growing interest in natural products that promote relaxation and social bonding. While some states boast extensive networks of kava bars, Missouri currently hosts only two such establishments. However, kava's cultural significance is spreading in the state, thanks to reputable online vendors like Shot of Joy. These vendors allow people to purchase kava-infused beverages and enjoy them in the comfort of their homes. This burgeoning movement offers Missourians a chance to learn about and appreciate the history and tradition of this Pacific Island beverage, adding a touch of Polynesian culture to the Heartland of America.

Is Kava Legal in Missouri?

In Missouri, kava is considered legal for possession and consumption, following the general regulations applicable across the United States. However, it's essential to note the FDA's advisory warning from 2002 regarding potential health concerns associated with kava-containing products. This advisory stemmed from reported cases of liver toxicity linked to certain kava products. Since kava isn't classified as a controlled substance and lacks FDA approval as a medication or dietary supplement, it remains lawful in Missouri. Despite its legal status, individuals contemplating the use of kava are encouraged to consult healthcare professionals to understand potential risks and side effects fully.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Missouri

If you're interested in acquiring wholesale kava products in Missouri, Shot of Joy is your reliable source for premium kava. Our diverse collection suits a range of needs, whether you're starting a kava bar, managing a retail outlet, or introducing this esteemed Pacific beverage to your patrons.

At Shot of Joy, our commitment is to provide only the finest kava. We prioritize authenticity and quality, delivering the rich experience of the Pacific to your location. When partnering with us for wholesale kava, you'll benefit from our expertise and support in navigating the kava landscape. We offer tailored guidance to align with your business goals and customer preferences, ensuring a unique experience for your clientele. Collaborate with Shot of Joy, and together, we'll enhance Missouri with the allure of this ancient ceremonial drink.

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Where do I buy Kava in Missouri?

If locating a nearby kava bar in Missouri seems challenging, fret not. There are alternative ways to enjoy this relaxing beverage. Shot of Joy's Kava Shot allows you to savor the authentic taste of kava at your convenience and in your preferred setting, legally and hassle-free across the state.