Discover the Best Kava Bars in New York

Step into a world rich with the culture of the South Pacific, right in the heart of New York. Dive into the genuine taste of the Pacific and enjoy a change of scenery from the bustling city life.

Kavasutra Kava Bar

261 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009

Kavasutra Kava Bar, proudly opened its doors in New York in 2015, setting a benchmark for kava bars in the U.S. With multiple locations across Florida, Colorado, and Arizona, Kavasutra has steadily grown its reputation. This bar prides itself on its commitment to source kava directly from Vanuatu, a region with a rich history of kava cultivation. 

At Kavasutra, the making of kava is both a tradition and a ritual. The kava root is combined with water and carefully strained, resulting in a unique beverage. Served in traditional half coconut shells, patrons get an authentic Pacific experience. The decor, full of South Pacific elements, adds to the allure, making patrons feel like they're momentarily transported to a tropical haven. It's a haven that welcomes everyone, whether you're familiar with kava or a first-timer.

Brooklyn Kava

191 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Nestled in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Kava has made its mark as a trendy destination. They boast a diverse menu, from cold brew coffee to unique beverage concoctions. The ambiance is warm, intimate, and offers a break from the usual. Brooklyn Kava continues to be a favorite spot for many, thanks to its wide variety of offerings.

Ka-Vá Kava Bar

160 Havemeyer St #4, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Ka-Vá Kava Bar, located in the vibrant surroundings of Brooklyn, is known for its authentic kava bar vibe. With an extensive menu that includes traditional kava drinks and more innovative ones like the "Rosebud" concoction, Ka-Vá Kava Bar caters to a wide array of tastes. If kava isn't your choice, their menu also features teas and other beverages. With its blend of tradition and innovation, Ka-Vá Kava Bar stands out in Brooklyn.

History of Kava in New York

Kava, a drink with roots in the South Pacific, began to mark its presence in New York City in the early 21st century. As NYC residents explored global flavors and traditions, kava bars started to emerge, carving a unique space for themselves. They became places not only to savor an unusual beverage but also to learn and appreciate the cultural history behind it. These bars have grown to be spaces where New Yorkers gather to connect over shared experiences and explore the age-old tradition of kava.

Is Kava Legal in New York?  

Kava is legal in New York. However, it's essential to be aware that the FDA issued an advisory in 2002 regarding potential health concerns. As always, if you're considering trying a new product or beverage, consulting with healthcare professionals is recommended.

Where to buy kava wholesale in New York

For those looking to source wholesale kava products in New York, Shot of Joy is a reliable name. They offer an array of wholesale kava products, perfect for those eager to introduce this Pacific drink to more people. At Shot of Joy, the focus is on quality and authenticity. As their partner, you can tap into their knowledge, ensuring you choose the right kava products for your establishment. Together, let's celebrate the tradition of kava.

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Where do I buy Kava in New York?

If you're keen to explore something new, these kava bars in New York offer a delightful experience. And if you wish to enjoy kava in the comfort of your home, Shot of Joy's Kava Shot is available for purchase, accessible in all 50 states.