Discover the Best Kava Bars in Ohio

Ohio residents, step into the world of kava at your local kava bar and embark on a journey of tranquility and togetherness. Savor the calming effects of this cherished Pacific elixir, fostering a unique experience that enriches your well-being and brings a touch of the Pacific to Ohio.

Sacred Waters Kava Bar

5000 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

Sacred Waters Kava Bar, boasting locations in Lakewood and North Olmsted, Ohio, has become a haven for relaxation and connection. The stress-relieving qualities of kava, a popular South Pacific drink, are central to the experience at Sacred Waters, an establishment founded in 2022 by David Kovatch. More than just a beverage, Sacred Waters elevates kava to a social experience, fostering an atmosphere where inclusivity and acceptance are paramount.

In this welcoming environment, patrons are invited to cultivate meaningful friendships, explore self-discovery, and refine creativity. With its stylish and calming ambiance, the kava bar encourages guests to unwind and connect, either over a cup of all-natural kava or one of their delectable botanical cocktails. The menu doesn't stop there; Sacred Waters also serves coffee, tea, and more, ensuring a variety to suit every preference.

As one of Ohio's top kava bars, Sacred Waters takes its role seriously, focusing on quality and authenticity. The medicinal qualities of South Pacific kava are highlighted, presented with reverence for the tradition and culture from which kava originates. This commitment to authenticity extends to every aspect of Sacred Waters, from the knowledgeable staff to the well-crafted drink menu.


4055 Erie St Rear, Willoughby, OH 44094

KAVA SOL, situated in Cleveland's vibrant east side, is more than a typical bar; it's a sanctuary for those seeking alcohol-free alternatives, all within a lush tropical, boho ambiance. Founded by the passionate Lindsay Kronk, along with her supportive business partner Mathew Butler, KAVA SOL has been inspired by Lindsay's personal discovery of kava. After finding kava to be a valuable aid in easing anxiety and enhancing social connections, Lindsay transformed her vision into reality, establishing a place where everyone could share in these benefits. KAVA SOL emphasizes connection, inclusion, and the exploration of unique non-alcoholic offerings such as indigenous ceremonial rituals related to various botanical drinks. The space is designed not only to honor the uniqueness of each individual but also to provide mood-enhancing beverages that don't have alcohol's potential harmful effects. Here, guests are not merely customers; they become part of a community where deep, meaningful conversations flourish, creativity is nurtured, and a journey toward self-discovery is encouraged. Regular events and themed nights enhance the sense of community, offering opportunities for cultural and personal exploration. The joyful cry of "BULA!"‚ÄĒa traditional Fijian cheer celebrating life and health‚ÄĒechoes throughout the establishment, encapsulating the spirit and mission of KAVA SOL.

History of Kava in Ohio

The history of kava use in Ohio is emblematic of a wider national trend towards embracing this traditional South Pacific drink. Ohio's journey into the kava world began with the establishment of kava bars, which have played a pivotal role in introducing the community to this alternative to alcoholic beverages. The two kava bars in Ohio offer a unique experience, providing locals with a chance to enjoy the relaxing and medicinal qualities of kava in a communal setting. As part of a growing movement seeking wellness, mindfulness, and substance alternatives, these establishments cater to a diverse clientele. The bars serve both traditional kava drinks and innovative botanical blends, creating spaces for social connection, creative exploration, and personal growth. While still a relatively new phenomenon in Ohio, kava use has found a receptive audience, and its popularity appears to be on the rise.

Is Kava Legal in Ohio?

Ohio permits the legal possession and consumption of Kava. Though the FDA's warning about potential liver-related health risks applies, Kava is not regulated as a controlled substance. Residents keen on Kava are encouraged to seek healthcare guidance to comprehend potential risks.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Ohio

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Where do I buy Kava in Ohio?

If the recommended bars are too distant for you to grab some Kava, worry not. There are other solutions available. Experience the convenience of savoring Kava at your pace and in your space with Shot of Joy's Kava Shot, which is perfectly legal and accessible in all 50 states.