Discover the Best Kava Bars in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents, elevate your cultural exploration by diving into kava — a time-honored Pacific beverage with a rich tradition. If you're curious about new experiences or keen to immerse yourself in a community centered around diverse global traditions, visiting your local kava bar can provide a perfect setting to delve into this ancient drink and experience a different kind of social setting.


87a S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938

MagiKava welcomes everyone interested in exploring kava and herbal teas. They use traditional methods to prepare their beverages with premium kava root, aiming for a unique taste profile. Their extensive menu not only presents various kava choices but also features herbal teas from different parts of the world. They have a selection of rare and exotic herbs and elixirs inspired by various traditions.

A standout feature of MagiKava is its captivating ambiance. Beautifully furnished interiors and a warm atmosphere invite guests, making it an ideal space for leisurely conversations. It's a haven from the daily grind.

Bantha Tea Bar

5002 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

The brainchild of long-time friends Brett Boye & Jack Ball, Bantha Tea Bar transformed a former plumber's office into an eco-friendly tea bar, incorporating reclaimed materials, solar panels, and a sustainable design ethos. Open since September 2015, Bantha offers a unique ambiance different from conventional tea cafes. Their array includes Ton Pottery mugs, a reverse osmosis water system, and a focus on local and organic teas. Bantha also provides beverages like Guayusa, as well as locally-sourced confectioneries, sandwiches, and soups. With its special character and a diverse range of drinks, Bantha Tea Bar stands out on Penn Avenue as a must-visit spot.

Merch by Cory’s Kava Korner

217 Carverton Rd, Trucksville, PA 18708

Acknowledged as one of Pennsylvania's top-rated kava bars online, Merch by Cory's Kava Korner has built a reputation for its warm atmosphere and diverse menu. Their offerings cater to both seasoned kava aficionados and newcomers. It's as much a social hub as it is a place to enjoy unique beverages, emphasizing community engagement and shared experiences.

History of Kava in Pennsylvania

The introduction of kava in Pennsylvania is a relatively recent phenomenon, echoing the growing interest in kava across the United States. This traditional South Pacific drink found its way to Pennsylvania as individuals became more interested in diverse beverages and global traditions. With places like MagiKava, Bantha Tea Bar, and Merch by Cory’s Kava Korner, Pennsylvanians and visitors have had the opportunity to experience kava in a communal setting. These venues not only introduce kava but also emphasize community, providing distinct social spaces.

Is Kava Legal in Pennsylvania? 

In Pennsylvania, Kava is legal for consumption and possession. While the state acknowledges the FDA's advisory on potential liver toxicity, Kava is neither listed as a controlled substance nor as a medical supplement. Those curious about Kava should consult with medical professionals for further insights.

Where to buy kava wholesale in Pennsylvania

For those inquiring about wholesale kava in Pennsylvania, Shot of Joy is here to assist. Our diverse kava options cater to a range of businesses, from kava bars to specialized retail outlets. At Shot of Joy, we prioritize the authenticity of Pacific kava traditions, ensuring the essence of this time-honored beverage is conveyed. As a trusted partner, we offer guidance and expertise tailored to your needs. With our deep understanding of kava, we can assist you in choosing products that resonate with Pennsylvania's community. Let's collaborate and contribute to the ever-growing appreciation for kava in Pennsylvania.

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Where do I buy Kava in Pennsylvania?

In the event that the recommended bars for Kava are too far for your access, there's no cause for alarm. Additional solutions are available. Enjoy the privilege of trying Kava at your pace and in the comfort of your space with Shot of Joy's Kava Shot, fully legal and accessible across the whole of the 50 states.