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In Utah, where outdoor living and wellness are celebrated, kava can be a fitting choice for residents seeking natural relaxation. Utah's kava bars are community centers that encourage social engagement and relaxation.

Square Roots

315 1200 S, Orem, UT 84058

Nestled in Orem, UT, Square Roots stands as a beacon for kava enthusiasts, distinguishing itself as a unique kava lounge in the region. Occupying a strategic spot in the Via Brazil building and surrounded by ample parking space, this establishment has grown in reputation as a sanctuary for those seeking the taste and tranquility of kava. With its dine-in, takeout, and delivery options, it caters to various customer preferences, always ensuring quality and convenience. The interior ambiance of Square Roots is suffused with a peaceful and comfortable vibe, enhanced by soothing music and tasteful decor that invites relaxation. The menu, a testament to the traditional kava drinking experience, includes an enticing array of kava shots, hot drinks, and traditional bowls, each prepared with careful expertise and authentic flair. The staff, well-versed in the nuances of kava preparation and culture, contribute to a warm and educational environment.

History of Kava in Utah

The history of Kava use in Utah represents a blending of ancient Pacific Island traditions with modern Western curiosity and wellness trends. Although kava's presence in Utah is relatively new, it reflects a growing desire among residents to explore alternative methods of relaxation and social connection. Kava bars began to appear in the state as part of a broader U.S. trend, offering a unique environment where individuals could gather and experience the calming effects of this traditional beverage. These establishments often served as educational hubs, introducing patrons to the cultural significance and ceremonial rituals associated with kava drinking. The growth of kava in Utah has also been influenced by discussions around its potential health benefits, including anxiety reduction and improved sleep. While the kava culture in Utah is still evolving, it continues to attract those interested in holistic wellness and provides a distinctive social experience that connects the present-day consumer with ancient traditions.

Is Kava Legal in Utah?

In Utah, like throughout the United States, Kava is legal to consume and possess. However, potential users should note the FDA's 2002 advisory warning regarding possible health risks tied to products infused with Kava, following reported liver toxicity cases. Kava is not defined as a controlled substance or authorized as a dietary supplement or medication by the FDA, thus allowing for its legal use and possession in Utah. Before commencing the use of Kava products, it is wise to seek advice from a healthcare provider regarding any possible risks and adverse effects. Despite these warnings, there is a burgeoning interest in Kava within the state, reflecting a nationwide trend towards natural and alternative wellness solutions. Many in Utah have found solace in the social and relaxing effects that Kava provides, contributing to a growing community of enthusiasts. Various establishments have worked to provide access to Kava, along with educating the public about its traditional uses and cultural significance. Even with the lack of formal medical endorsement, Kava continues to represent an intriguing aspect of Utah's diverse cultural landscape.

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Where do I buy Kava in Utah?

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