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How to Make Kava: Preparation Guide


If you're curious about making kava, this guide will teach you the basics. Kava, a traditional beverage in the South Pacific, holds great significance in numerous cultural ceremonies. In recent times, there has been a growing interest among Western enthusiasts who are captivated by the unique qualities of kava.


Kava can be savored on its own or combined with mixers like fruit juice or coconut water. Let's delve into the process!


**Preparing Kava**  

Kava is a traditional beverage hailing from the South Pacific, with a rich history stretching back centuries. The drink is crafted from the roots of the *Piper methysticum* plant.


The preparation involves grounding the roots into a powder, blending it with water, and then straining it through a cloth. Here's how to do it the traditional way:


    **What You'll Need**  

    To craft your kava drink, gather the following:

    - Please follow the recommended dosage instructions for the kava product you purchased.  

    - 4 cups of water 

    - A bowl or Tanoa

    - A strainer 

    - A cheesecloth or other suitable cloth for straining 

    - A cup for drinking 


    1. Grind your kava root to achieve a fine powder. Once ready, place it in a bowl or container.
    2. Gradually introduce the water while stirring continuously. Stir vigorously for about 3 minutes. Let the mixture settle for 5-10 minutes afterward.
    3. Position your cheesecloth or strainer over another container, and pour the mixture into it.
    4. Use your hands to press out the liquid, capturing your freshly made kava tea.
    5. Pour the tea into a cup. You can customize the flavor by adding sweeteners or other enhancements.
    6. If you'd like, repeat steps 1-4 using the remaining 2 cups of water for another batch.

    **How Long Does It Take to Prepare Kava?**  

    The typical process usually takes around 15-30 minutes, depending on the method you choose. It is important to note that grinding the kava roots may require extra tools and more time. 

    Instant kava powder is also available and can streamline the process. Always follow package instructions when using this option.

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    **Perfecting Your Kava Ratio**  

    A common starting point is a 1:15 ratio of kava to water. This is, however, a flexible guideline. You can tweak this ratio to suit your personal preference.

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    **Kava: A Historical Perspective**  

    The Pacific Islands' inhabitants have a long-standing tradition of incorporating kava into their ceremonies, social gatherings, and daily routines. Kava's distinct properties have contributed to its significant role in their culture. 

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    **Storing Kava: A Brief Note**  

    Kava's active compounds may degrade when exposed to certain elements like light or oxygen. To maintain its quality, it's recommended to store kava in airtight containers placed in cool, dark environments.

    Interestingly, some enthusiasts believe older plants might offer a more robust flavor profile due to their matured roots.

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    **Final Thoughts on Making Kava**  

    There are various kava products that can be found both online and in stores, offering convenient alternatives for those interested. These products come in a diverse range, catering to different preferences and tastes. 

    Thanks for joining us on this exploration of a cherished Polynesian beverage. Happy brewing!

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