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Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Brand Review


Kava is a plant native to the South Pacific islands that have been used for centuries for its calming and relaxing properties. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is a company that sells a variety of kava strains, including kava powders and capsules. 

About the Company

For quite some time, Gourmet Hawaiian Kava has been selling kava in the U.S. The company's Youtube channel contained a video from five years ago, which was the earliest mention we could discover, although we believe they have been around for much longer.

Chris Allen, who has spent more than 25 years studying and growing kava, is the owner and operator of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava. Images of Allen and other industry professionals growing, harvesting, and consuming Hawaiian kava can be found in the website's photo gallery.

Single-strain Hawaiian kava is the company's specialty (Awa). Since most kava resellers buy their product from Allen and his crew, it is an excellent indication that they are actively involved in the production and processing of kava.

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava offers a range of single-strain Hawaiian kava products, including Awa Hiwa, Fiji Kava, Ikaika, Mahakea, Moi, Nene, and Papa Kea.




The Brand

The kava products from Gourmet Hawaiian Kava are known for their potency and are considered to be comparable to the top brands in the industry. The company is a small family business and is low-tech, with a website and packaging that reflect this.

Customer service is somewhat lacking, with poorly constructed responses and a lack of information about the company.

However, the responses are undeniably human and not scripted, which is a plus.

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The price of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava's raw kava powders is reasonably comparable to that of the rest of the industry. However, they are more expensive than Wakacon and less expensive than Root of Happiness or Kalm With Kava.

However, the micronized powder, which is super finely ground, is significantly more expensive than the equivalent dose of coarse-ground kava. It is unclear why this product is so much more expensive, as most companies charge about 50% more for micronized roots, with some charging as much as twice as much.

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Additional Kava Products

In addition to the kava powders and capsules, Gourmet Hawaiian Kava also offers a few other products. The company's Kava Chocolate bars are made with single-strain kava and organic chocolate and are available in three flavors: Awa Hiwa, Fiji Kava, and Papa Kea.

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava also sells Kava Syrup, which is made with single-strain kava and is available in three flavors: Awa Hiwa, Fiji Kava, and Papa Kea. The syrup can be mixed with water or added to drinks, and is said to offer a relaxing and euphoric effect. 

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava also offers a Kava Sample Pack, which includes small amounts of each of the company's kava powders. This is a good option for those who are new to kava and want to try a variety of strains to see which one works best for them.

Finding High Quality Kava

Finding good quality kava can be a challenge, as there are many different sources and types of kava available on the market. Kava is a tropical plant that is native to the Pacific Islands. Here's how to find quality ones:

  • Look for kava that is grown and processed using traditional methods: Kava that is grown and processed using traditional methods is more likely to be of high quality. Traditional methods of cultivation and processing are typically more labor-intensive and time-consuming, but they often result in a higher quality product. 
  • Choose kava from reputable sources: It is important to choose kava from reputable sources, as there have been instances of kava being contaminated with harmful substances. Reputable sources are likely to have quality control measures in place to ensure that their kava is of high quality and free from contaminants. 
  • Consider the type of kava: There are many different types of kava available, and they can vary in terms of their effects and potency. Some types of kava are known for their relaxing and calming effects, while others are known for their euphoric effects. It is important to choose a type of kava that is appropriate for your needs. 
  • Read reviews and ask for recommendations: Reading reviews and asking for recommendations from others who have

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Reviewing Gourmet Hawaiian Kava 

Overall, Gourmet Hawaiian Kava offers a variety of high-quality kava products that are known for their potency and range of effects. The company's focus on single-strain Hawaiian kava sets it apart from other kava sellers, and the company provides detailed information about each strain to help customers choose the right one for their needs.

However, the company's customer service could be improved, and the micronized powder is particularly expensive compared to other products. If you are interested in trying kava, Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is a good option to consider, especially if you are looking for a wide range of Hawaiian kava strains.

We hope that you enjoyed this review and that it helped you learn more about the different types of kava available on the market today. If you’re interested in trying a kava beverage, be sure to check out our site for an easy and delicious way to enjoy this traditional herbal beverage.

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