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Energetic Hygiene Practices Guide


Are you actually as clean as you believe? As an energy being who has human life experiences, the residue of these experiences might linger in our energetic body. Whether we are aware of it or not, these experiences frequently continue to affect us physiologically long after they have occurred. Similar to how we practice good physical hygiene by washing, brushing our teeth, combing our hair, etc., it is necessary to practice good energetic hygiene by routinely cleansing our chakras and aura and keeping our energy balanced and grounded. This is beneficial to our physical and mental/emotional wellness. The following advice will assist you in achieving and sustaining a balanced energy system, allowing you to sparkle and shine brightly!

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By anchoring our energy, we remain present and in the moment. It completes the energy cycle and grounds our energy to the earth's surface. Being energetically rooted prevents emotions of fuzziness or spaced-outness, which might spread our own energy. Being grounded will allow us to feel more stable and balanced.

Visualize your legs as tree roots growing deeply into the earth in order to ground your energies. Then, envision energy flowing from the Root chakra to the center of the earth, or roots growing from the soles of the feet. Additionally, you can ground your energy by drinking water and remaining hydrated, going barefoot, lightly stamping your feet a few times, and walking outside in the grass or on the pavement. 


The process of centering our energies entails locating the tranquil region deep within us that is eternal beingness and connecting with the inner peace. Visualize a white ball of light at your center, which represents the Solar Plexus chakra, transforming into yellow light to focus your energy. Then, take a few deep breaths and bring focus inward to the fundamental essence, that place that is quiet and serene regardless of the exterior circumstances. We have the capacity to influence the energy around us rather than allowing it to influence us when our energy is centered.  

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Purify and Harmonize Chakras

Clearing and balancing our energy centers is a simple undertaking. As a result, our energy is revitalized and the energetic congestion is cleared. As we become more competent at visualizing the chakras and their accompanying colors, we may do so very rapidly. Ascend from the Root chakra to the Sacral chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, and Heart chakra. We have reached the pinnacle of the chakra system by ascending through the Throat chakra, the Third Eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. This easy practice will enable you to envision each chakra in its proper vibrant hue, as well as healthy, clear, and in balance.

Purify Your Aura

Taking an Sea salt or epsom bath will aid in purifying our auric field. A bath with one pound of Epsom salt and one 16-ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide is calming. Additionally, you may be instructed to add a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Another approach involves igniting dried sage and outlining the body with the sage smoke. Incense can also serve this function. In addition, a dry wash is recommended. To accomplish this, raise your hands a few inches over your body. Visualize removing stagnant energy from your auric field as you move your hands in a washing motion. Afterwards, shake your hands and move your body to distribute the cleaned energy.

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Severing Vital Cords

Cutting cords assists in clearing our energy field of low-vibrational-frequency emotions. Every individual with whom we have had a relationship or even just an encounter can be linked to us by a thread of energy. This includes interactions at the grocery store, in the job, and while driving. The goal is to eradicate any heavier, lower-vibration energy that may have gathered, especially when unpleasant interactions have occurred.It is energetically beneficial to frequently sever these links by repeating, "I cut cords to everyone and everything that no longer serves me or my higher purpose" while performing a slicing, chopping, or swiping action in front of your Solar Plexus chakra. The cords being cut include those of a lower frequency related with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, shame, humiliation, frustration, regret, and jealousy, among others. There is no reason to fear cutting love-related ties, as they will soon regenerate. Humans expel bodily waste from their bodies. Simultaneously, this biological function is occurring, and we can assume (without actually observing the process) that the energy waste is likewise being eliminated.

Guard Our Vitality

Protecting, also known as shielding, is essential for preventing our energy from being contaminated by another person's trash and for maintaining the separation of personal energy. Imagine a white light or a bubble enclosing you as a simple method of protection. Some people prefer to imagine themselves wearing a cloak, a cape, or holding a shield. Use the imagery that seems most natural and resonates most with your energy at the time. Only love is capable of penetrating this protecting barrier; everything else will be dissipated and evaporate.

Clear the Energy of Our Home

To alter the energy in our home, we first remove the physical clutter that has accumulated. Eliminating unnecessary goods through dumping, donating, or selling them will result in an immediate shift in the energy of the home. Our room will be illuminated and enlivened by the deliberate selection of personal décor that reflects our individuality. In addition to eliminating the physical clutter, we can establish the intention to energetically clear our environment by lighting a candle or burning incense and sagging our room. While performing housework, we can also clear the energy of our dwelling. You may simply discharge energy when dusting furniture, sweeping floors, and vacuuming carpets. Considering that emotions can stay in our home, this form of cleaning will alter the energy in our area very quickly.

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Using Energetic Hygiene Practices

Proper energetic hygiene is a necessity for lasting wellness and vitality. It may be hard to know how to start and how to fit it in with our modern lives. Implementing these practices may feel overwhelming at first but they will truly nurture you so that you can keep up the momentum on your journey. 

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