How to Manipulate Energy for Beginners

Are you an aspiring healthy enthusiast looking for a new challenge? If so, mastering the art of manipulating energy could be just what you need! Manipulating energy is not only rewarding, but it can help you to connect more deeply with your body and the environment around you. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of how to manipulate energy—from understanding your physical make-up to seeing where energy resides within nature. We'll examine easy exercises that are designed especially for beginners who are feeling overwhelmed by all they have read and heard about manipulation techniques. By the end of this post, readers will have acquired useful information that can give them a jump start on their journey into learning how to purely and accurately direct this powerful source within themselves.

Consciousness and Energy

We frequently complicate the concept of energy by attempting to define it in scientific or mystical terms. To understand energy, all we need to do is be calm and tune into ourselves or our environment. When we feel present, for example, our energy is grounded; when we experience attraction or repulsion, we may feel an energetic charge; and when we laugh or weep, we may feel an energetic release.

Certain circumstances or people can sap our energy. Alternatively, in situations where we do not believe we are sufficient, we may cling to others and use their fuel supply as our own. Even barriers are made of energy: we can tie our energy to create separation, and we can let our energy flow freely to get closer.

One of the earliest lessons we learn in school is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed. Energy can be accelerated or delayed. It can occur in a closed system, where energy is contained or bound, or in an open system, where energy flows. Uncontained energy has the potential to make a system frantic or fragmented. A system can fail due to a lack of energy.

Despite its strength, energy is a neutral force. Its movement is guided by consciousness. When we consider the energy and consciousness of the human experience, we can see that the more conscious we are, the more energy we direct toward creativity, connection, and evolution. The less mindful we are, the more energy we devote to division, stagnation, or even destruction.

Blocked Power

Many people's energy is often described as being obstructed, stagnant, or trapped. Their thinking is rigid and limited. Their breathing is shallow, paused, or uneven, and specific muscles are stiff or weak. They struggle to strike a good balance between doing and being, giving and receiving. They might be either aggressive or submissive. They are either overly rational, overly passionate, or overly determined. They battle obstinacy, procrastination, perfectionism, compulsive thinking, extreme individualism, or conformity.

These are all examples of energy blocks:

Cognitive Difficulties

A closed mind is an energetic impediment. We are blocked when our belief system is fixed. "This is simply how it is," or "I'm just not that kind of person,". These are cognitive impediments.

Managing Currents 

When we lack faith in the process or in ourselves, our energy is diminished. We are unable to turn our will in this area. There is no surrender in this situation. Instead, we direct our energy at events or people because we do not feel we will receive what we require—we believe the only way in is to push our way in. Our enthusiastic hold is strong and domineering, eliciting demands like "give it to me". This is referred to as an energy forcing current.

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What Causes Energetic Blockages?

Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer in the field of body psychotherapy, theorized that we restrict our own energy to avoid unpleasant emotions or impulses. He referred to these barriers as "the physiological instrument of emotional repression." He viewed energy blocking as an adaptive strategy for overcoming life's obstacles.

Take a young kid, for instance. When her father returns home each night, she sprints to him and leaps into his arms. Her father pushes her away, either quietly or overtly, whenever she seeks to do so. The youngster, humiliated by her father's "rejection," learns to restrain her excitement and physical yearning to approach him. She also constructs a narrative to make sense of the incident. She may convince herself that her attachment is excessive or that physical contact is harmful. She may fear that expressing her feelings for a man would result in rejection or abandonment. The management of her impulses and the conclusions she draws from her experiences will result in a progressive decline in her energy.

When we see this little girl as an adult, we may be able to see how this energetic contraction has affected her life. We may observe her effort to convey her emotions. Her connections may be described as physically distant. She may be prone to perfectionism and prefer the security of adulation and adoration over the risky nature of love and intimacy. "I'm too much," "I'm not enough," or "I must restrict myself" could be her story. In summation, she lives by a life task with the purpose of avoiding rejection and disgrace, as well as the suffering that comes with it, at all costs.

This adaptive life job of avoidance consumes all of her energy. To manage herself and her circumstances, she will almost probably rely on willpower. She will most likely live in her mind, where reason and intellect exist and where her emotions and urges may be contained with the support of her strong will. The energy of fury and anguish caused by her father's initial experience will most likely be hidden by the energy of withholding, aggressiveness, or numbing of her emotional experience. She may claim to have been mistaken as frigid and unfeeling. But this couldn't be further from the reality about who she is. For behind her energy maneuvering and manipulation, beneath all of her erroneous notions, is the reality that is her energetic life force. It is the energy of a child who follows his or her natural instinct to run and jump into the arms of life.

Bringing Back Energetic Integrity

The restoration of energy integrity requires some self-exploration as well as the courage to invest time and risk. The task at hand requires us to labor in order to become more conscious. It demands us to accept responsibility for how we spend our energy to defend and keep ourselves apart. It challenges us to examine our belief systems and the pictures we regard as absolutes. It invites us to feel into our bodies and energies, noticing where we distort and where we refuse to give life. A man with his hands on his throat declaring, "I will never speak up again," or a lady with a tight shoulder girdle refusing to put her arms forward and call for help comes to mind.

Pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as you become more aware of your energy. You may begin to notice how you utilize your energy to protect yourself from particular situations and feelings. You might start to notice how your energy has been used as part of an adaptive strategy, how it has helped you, and how it no longer does. You will hopefully begin to see how using your energy in this way prevents you from realizing the full potential of your life force.

If we can grasp the relationship between our own energy and awareness, we may be able to understand the relationship between energy and consciousness in the systems in which we live, such as our families, our political system, money, war, and how we treat our planet. What if we understood war, for example, as an energy distortion of power and creativity? What if we saw the obsessive pursuit of economic prosperity as a cognitive distortion of safety and scarcity/abundance?

Energetic distortions can be found practically everywhere in our society and in ourselves, and they are sustained by our lack of awareness. We have a strong chance of creating meaningful change in ourselves and the world we live in if we can begin to grasp the distortion of energy and perform the hard work to shift it back to its natural flow.

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Tips for Understanding Your Energy System:

Please keep in mind that this is a learning process. You can't accomplish it all at once, so keep an open mind and be willing to take things slowly.

  • Thoughts are energy forms. Recognize your own thoughts. Begin with your first idea of the day and work your way up. Make a list of everything. Take note of your wording and whether your thought is rigid (this is how it is) or flexible (this is how it could be).
  • Simply stop throughout the course of your day. Close your eyes for a moment. Go inside and get a sense of where you are. Do you have a sense of being present? What is the composition of your breath? Are you still holding it? How do you feel in your own skin? Restricted? Tired and exhausted? Are you awake and alert?
  • Move. Make an effort to move your body. At the same time, different sections. What happens when you change your location? Take note of any thoughts or feelings that arise. Is there any region of your body that, when electrified by movement, makes you feel something? Do you feel the urge to control your energy or do you let it flow?
  • Make a noise. Allow yourself or others to hear your voice. Boost the power of your "yes" and "no." Consider whether one is easier than the other. Are you willing to make a fuss? Simply observe without passing judgment.
  • Where in your life are there strong currents? Where do you feel a constant pressure on yourself or others? Where do you impose your will on people or situations?
  • What happens to your energy while you're in the company of others? Take careful note of your breathing and your body. Do you grow or shrink?
  • Experiment with boundaries. Find a companion that is prepared to push their energetic bounds. Keep a certain distance between you. As one of you approaches the other, pay attention to when you start to feel their energy. Examine what happens to you when someone else's energy enters your own energy field. Do you ever lose yourself? Do you feel more rooted? Do you believe you have the authority to raise your voice and order her or him to move closer or further away?
  • Make a list of your emotions. Feel free to associate with each emotion. What is your relationship with that sensation? What are your thoughts or impressions concerning such emotions? Where, if anywhere, do you experience those emotions in your body?
  • Where do you feel most at ease meeting the rest of the world? Do you lead by logic (thinker), emotion (feeler), or willpower (doer)? How do you feel about the others if you lead with one? What portions of your body do you use to interact with the outside world? Your mind, heart, and hands?
  • Seek out another's experience of your energy and pay attention to the energy of others. How do you feel in their company? Are you welcomed or kept at bay? Do you have the impression that they hold back, hold in, hold up, collapse, or spread their energy? Tune in and immerse yourself in it. Feel things out rather than trying to figure it out.

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The Use of Herbal Supplements and Energy

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Learning to Manipulate Energy

Energy manipulation is a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice. The key is to be aware of your own energy and how it affects the world around you. With some basic knowledge and a little bit of effort, you can start manipulating energy to suit your needs. If you're interested in learning more about natural ways to boost energy, checkout Shot of Joy. We have a lot of great information on our website about different ways to relax and improve your mood using Kratom & Kava.

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