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Alcohol alternative

It really works. I would start with half a shot until you get used to it.

Great for Extra Energy!

I love these, especially in the beginning of long work days! They don't feel like caffeine, there are no crashes, no "sped up" feeling, just natural feelings of energy and like it's a sunny day even when it's cloudy.

FOCUS- Kratom Shot
Alice Smith
Perfect relaxation

I get a wonderful sense of relaxation and happiness without compromise of awareness or thinking like with alcohol. No hangover either!!!

Can't Use While Taking MANY Common Meds Very disappointed because I take several of the drugs listed... some of which state severe interactions. So, don't do what I did... Do your research BEFORE purchasing. I'll never be able to give a review because I'll never be able to try the product. Sigh...

These work
Made me feel so good and happy.

RELAX - Kratom & Kava Shot
Ehren Van Der Werf

The product is good… effects are mild and put your head in the right direction. I would say that it is challenging to empty the bottle due to the product clumping. I add water and shake, which seems to do the trick.

Terrific product

Really works

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot

Shit taste gross AF

I mean it works, but fuck man. It be nasty as fuck!


This doesn’t work for me

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot

Not bad, but not my favorite source of kratom/kava

These drinks were not the worst Kratom/Kava drinks I've had. Actually, the taste was not bad at all compared to the other options! However, they were a lower dose than the ones I normally try and the cost was still the same. While I appreciate the better taste, overall it's not worth it to me to switch.

Best so far!

So for a low dose of Kava and Kratom these things feel great! Im really surprised how well they work compared to the other options out there.

Love love it

RELAX is straight love! Feels so nice for relaxing/chilling after a long stressful day or for feeling couch-lazy on a weekend. Whole body relaxation. Very nice! Also helps with back aches. 🔥

Simply amazing

I love these so much. Very effective and helpful to my life.

Variety Pack | Kratom & Kava Shots

The variety pack from Shot of Joy is an absolute game-changer for my daily routine.


I was skeptical about natural supplements until I tried this variety pack. The Focus shot genuinely improves my concentration


I recently tried the variety pack from Shot of Joy, and it's been a game-changer for my daily routine. The Relax shot is perfect for unwinding after a long day, while the Focus shot keeps me sharp and productive when I need it most.

Great Sample pack if you are not sure which one to choose

Classic for the win!

Great sample pack!

I really enjoyed the product, it gave me a great idea of which one I prefer.

Angela Hudson
Love it!

Within a half hour I feel more relaxed and stress just goes away:)



Decent experience, but...

First day: drank half the first bottle... nothing: maybe a faint faint faint feeling.
Second day: drank the rest of the half of the first bottle followed immediately by an entire second bottle, just felt like I had a clean refreshing cup of iced coffee (energy and clarity-wise).
Third day: drank one bottle again. Same thing.

It's a nifty little product, but the result wasn't very noticeable for me. I suppose it's good if you're not used to drinking caffeine. I also take adaptogens, so I'm wondering if that's a factor as to why I didn't feel much. :) Overall, good product though.

Great product

I take these to relax and help ease the pain in my back

Rachel Salas
Nice little happy day

It was lovely surprise!