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This was the first time I purchased this product, I got the 3 pack. My wife and i tried the original and the relaxing as directed. We both became extremely dizzy and nauseated for hours and hours. I would not recommend this product unless you like feeling dizzy, shaky and nauseated.

Not worth the price

Took one shot when I got my pack of 3...didn't do ANYTHING. Next day, I took TWO back to back and experienced absolutely NOTHING. What a rip-off, do not buy! Waste of money!


Gave me such a nice feel of relaxation (and slight buzz!) after a long day, without any negative repercussions.

Good for relaxation without being overly sleepy

I have tried before and really liked, I better check the box again however because I don't recall receiving them. I also got shots and they may be mixed with them

Love it!!

These are amazing alternative for alcohol, I love them!

I like it. May I have more.

Tasted a little funky. Results were as stated by the manufacturer. Well pleased, going to order more.

Variety Pack | Kratom & Kava Shots

Love these

Take these at my job and I feel very optimistic about my workload 🔥

FOCUS- Kratom Shot
Gray Robinson
great product

Love the clarity and mental focus after taking the product.

Exceeded My Expectations

This product absolutely exceeded my expectations I found it a great way to relax and unwind after work instead of using alcohol. Also, I have never slept better.

Works as expected

The taste is HORRID but it works. I just mix it with OJ to help get it down :)

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot

Good but too expensive

The product is not bad but the price point unless purchased in quantity is too expensive.

This product is amazing

I was very skeptical at first. I have tried everything for a replacement for alcohol to help limit my alcohol usage. I basically gave up until I saw an ad for shot of joy. I decided to give 1 more product a try. Thank the universe I did! I use the classic for my alcohol replacement and have almost completely quit alcohol, which if you know me this is quite impressive since I am very alcohol-centric. I use the focus just a few sips throughout the days when I'm dragging and it give me the energy to pull through. I only use the relax occasionally and it literally only takes 2 sips to help me chill at night when my anxiety is high. Another amazing effect is I am more positive, more relaxed, and lost a few pounds. I feel great and I think I have finally beat my alcohol addiction. Thank you!

I love the way they relax me

They make me feel relaxed when I take one. If I take two I feel almost like I had a strong drink without drinking. I love it. However the taste has something to be desired. If you can figure out a way to make it not taste like earth and ash it would be amazing. I won’t stop talking them just because of this though. I love them too much. You have a fan for life.

Very lite and great feeling

I was skeptical at first and wanted something relaxing but not overpowering. This was perfect, and just a great feeling and I can stay focused on tasks. Just want I needed.

Variety Pack | Kratom & Kava Shots

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot

The “Relax” shot improved my sleep

I tried Relax first, and even with 1/4 bottle my sleep improved dramatically. I had no side effects, even though melatonin used to be a problem for me.


I have tried the feel free exlir as well as yours. Both are good, but for some reason they do NOT make me calm. Even your calm formula sort of gives me a bit of the jitters or anxiety like coffee. I am assuming it is the way Kratom affects me becasue Kava is supposed be similar to alcohol.

CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Gummies


It truly is a euphoric experience!

It’s just right

Its relaxing and mild, not overwhelming.


I can't believe how great the Classic made me feel. I only did half a shot, and it lit me up with energy, confidence, and happiness(joy). I was skeptical, but I am not anymore. I did some snooping on the internet to see how safe these are, and some sites said Kratom had some serious health implications, but I'm hoping that the many other sites that had positive things to say were more accurate. As for effectiveness, this stuff really works. Can wait to try the others.