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9is there life after a major ### up?

Broke my sobriety after almost 40 years, hope this helps

Euphoria With CLASSIC- Kratom & Kava Shot


this is the best and the shipping is quick!!!!

Awesome stuff!

Works like a charm. :)

Shot of anxiety relief

I have tried other kava/kratom shots, but this brand is by far the best. This one is the perfect blend that gives me a wonderful feeling of relaxation without putting me to sleep. It rescues me from turning to alcohol and hard drugs when I am experiencing anxiety. It is truly a shot of joy.

Works great

I have severe anxiety and it helps me better than anything I've tried

Helped would love something stronger

Did the job

Amazing stuff!

I suffer from insomnia and pain everyday and nothing seems to help. I've taken magnesium, glycine, 5-htp and other things for sleep and relaxation. With the relaxation shot in about an hour I feel like I need to sleep. It's amazing!

Love it!

I’ve been drinking feel free for a while but decided to try this and I like it better! The caffeine in it is nice and the taste is waaaaay better than feel free. I mix half with sparkling water for a mid day “mocktail” and it works great as a little pick me up!

Kava and Kratom

I like the classic joy I drink. I drink about half of it mid morning and sip on the other half in the afternoon, and It gives me good energy and uplifting mindset. make sure to shake well.


really good

Team Focus

I received this as a birthday present, and my favorite shot is the focus. It makes me feel like i've taken a natural adderall. Addy without the anxiety. Love it!

Chill With KAVA ONLY Shot
Gerard Mclaughlin

Chill kava shots have a pleasant, earthy taste that I really enjoy.

FOCUS- Kratom Shot
Jeremy Glover
Great alcohol alternative

Thank you guys so much this stuff really works and really mellows me out and calms me down. Thanks again! 🤙🏻

Thank you guys so much!

Take it before yoga , when you’re in a rut , before a difficult conversation , or just because you woke up and want a kick ass day ! Whatever ! I’m a fan and it’s going to be a staple at our house !

Chill With KAVA ONLY Shot
Antoinette Richardson
Exactly what I’ve been looking for

I've noticed an improvement in my productivity and focus since incorporating Chill kava shots into my routine.

Great Product

Shot of Joy Relax Kratom Kava shots are a great natural way to find relaxation, peace of mind, and energy.

I loved it honestly!

love the product and the customer service

Chill With KAVA ONLY Shot
Roderick Erickson

I've noticed a positive difference in my energy levels since incorporating Chill kava shots into my routine.


These Relax Kratom Kava shots have helped me relax and de-stress before bed while also increasing my energy levels.

RELAX - Kratom & Kava Shot
Antoinette Richardson
Great stuff!

I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality and energy levels since incorporating Shot of Joy Relax Kratom Kava shots into my routine.

Chill With KAVA ONLY Shot
Jerald Marshall

I feel more alert and focused after drinking a Chill kava shot.

Glen G.

I love the calming effects of kava shots.

Will buy over and over

Fantastic company to purchase from and great customer service to boot!

Shot of Joy Focus kava shots

I am going without alcohol for 30 days and Shot of Joy is making it very easy to stick to my goal. I may never go back to drinking alcohol because I love the way I feel! Thank you!!!