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How to Get Rid of Kava Nausea (Remedy & Guide)

As evening descends and the world quiets, many seek solace in rituals that bring relaxation and peace. One such age-old tradition finds its essence in kava. Deeply entrenched in Pacific Island customs, kava has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of modern relaxation practices. Renowned for its unique aroma and taste, kava's prominence has moved beyond Pacific Island ceremonies and gatherings to become a global phenomenon. 

Its calming effects and ceremonial significance have led many to incorporate kava into their personal rituals of relaxation and mindfulness. As its popularity burgeons, the variety and forms of kava products in the market have expanded to cater to diverse preferences. In this guide, we’ll be navigating the expansive world of kava, focusing on five outstanding products that stand out for their quality and effects. Continue reading to deepen your understanding and to uncover the ideal kava choice for your moments of tranquility.

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Kava: A Glimpse into Its Origins

Kava, bearing the scientific moniker Piper methysticum, holds a significant place in the lore and traditions of the Pacific Islands. For countless generations, its presence has been synonymous with tranquility, serving as both a conduit for relaxation and a reflection of the vibrant and diverse heritage of the Pacific Islander communities. This plant, with its humble roots, has been transformed into a beverage that resonates deeply with these cultures, signifying a bond with nature and a testament to time-honored customs.

Within the rich tapestry of Pacific Island traditions, kava has always been more than just a simple drink. Indigenous groups, with their profound respect for nature and its bounties, have cherished kava. They have incorporated it into their ceremonies, where it plays a pivotal role. From rites of passage to celebratory festivities, kava serves as a reminder of their ancestral ties, bridging the gap between ancient practices and contemporary life.

Amidst the serene settings of the Pacific, where tales of yesteryears echo and traditions are kept alive, kava has its own story. One where Fijian elders gather under moonlit skies, recounting legends and imparting wisdom, where gatherings are a confluence of song, dance, and shared experiences. In these moments, kava is more than just a beverage; it's a symbol, an experience, and an embodiment of Pacific heritage, ever reminding of the intertwined bond of community, culture, and nature.

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Exploring Kava Recipes

One of the popular ways to consume kava is in tea form, made from the powdered root. 

Simple Kava Tea Recipe:


- 1 cup of water

- 2 tbsp powdered kava root


  1. Bring the water to a boil in a small pot.
  2. Place the powdered kava root in a tea strainer or wrapped in cheesecloth.
  3. Steep the kava in the hot water for 5-20 minutes, based on your preference.
  4. Strain the liquid and serve in a cup or bowl. 
  5. For those who find the flavor too strong, consider adding sweeteners like honey or blending it in a beverage of your choice.

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Tips for a Pleasant Kava Experience

Kava, though celebrated for its unique sensations, can occasionally elicit reactions that aren't anticipated, especially among first-time drinkers. While the effects can range from individual to individual, there are commonly shared pieces of advice, passed down through kava aficionado communities, that can help tailor a more pleasant experience:

  1. Start Gradually: Venturing into the realm of kava is akin to any new experience—initial caution can be beneficial. For those unfamiliar with kava's distinct properties, commencing with a smaller serving can pave the way for understanding its nuances, allowing you to gauge its effects and adjust accordingly.
  2. Stay Hydrated: A common suggestion among kava enthusiasts is to maintain hydration. Drinking ample water not only ensures a balanced bodily response but can also complement and potentially enhance the kava experience.
  3. Companion Foods: Anecdotal evidence suggests that coupling kava with certain snacks or meals might impact the overall sensation. While some users prefer an empty stomach, others feel that light snacks can make the experience smoother.
  4. Experiment with Preparation: Kava's adaptability is one of its many charms. If the conventional kava tea preparation isn't to your liking, the world of kava recipes is vast. From incorporating it into refreshing smoothies to experimenting with various mixers, there's a plethora of methods waiting to be explored.

It's essential to remember that individual reactions to kava can vary. If you've heeded these tips and yet find the experience less than satisfactory, or if any discomfort persists, it's of paramount importance to prioritize your well-being. Pausing your kava consumption and consulting with a healthcare professional can offer clarity and guidance.
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The Kava Journey

Kava stands apart as a unique blend of history, tradition, and sensory exploration. Its journey, from the rich soils of the Pacific Islands to global recognition, mirrors the diverse experiences of those who have embraced it. While it carries with it the weight of time-honored practices, it also holds the promise of a singular, personalized encounter for each individual. Yet, the key to truly appreciating kava lies in a balanced approach. Embarking on the kava journey should be marked by a keen sense of curiosity, tempered by prudence.

Engaging with any new dietary experience, especially one as storied as kava, demands thorough research and an understanding of one's own body and preferences. It's paramount that as you step into the world of kava, you remain attentive to how it interacts with your system. Recognize its nuances, appreciate its history, and be open to the experience it offers, all while ensuring that your health remains at the forefront.

As you contemplate deepening your connection with kava or exploring its varied facets, Shot of Joy is here to guide you. Whether you're seeking authentic kava products, insights into its preparation, or simply wish to immerse yourself in its lore, we invite you to join us. Navigate the enchanting world of kava with care, and let Shot of Joy be your trusted companion on this voyage of discovery. Always prioritize well-being, relish the journey, and remember: each sip is a step into a rich tapestry of tradition and experience.

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