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5 Best Energy Drinks for Workout and Exercise

Feeling a lack of energy during your workout or exercise session? If you're looking for an extra boost that won't break the bank, energy drinks can be your go-to beverage. With so many options now available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. To help make that decision easier, we've compiled a list of five best energy drinks specifically designed to give you the optimal amount of power and stamina to reach any fitness goal. Discover how each drink works differently and select the one best suited for boosting your performance today!

1. The Kratom & Kava Shot from Shot of Joy

Both kava and kratom can give you an amazing boost of energy when you workout or exercise. The South Pacific plant kava is known for its ability to help people relax and feel less stressed while also giving them more energy. Kratom is made from the leaves of a tropical tree that grows in Southeast Asia. It has a stimulating effect that can give you more energy, make you feel better, and help you concentrate better. The Kratom & Kava Shot from Shot of Joy has both the advantages of kava and kratom in one easy-to-use shot. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a natural energy boost before or during a workout. If you drink kava or kratom tea before you work out, you can push harder, do better, and reach your fitness goals more quickly. Also, both kava and kratom have natural pain-relieving properties that make them great choices for easing muscle pain after a workout.

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ZOA+ is a pre-workout energy drink that is full of vitamin C to help your immune system and B vitamins to help you concentrate. It also has potassium and magnesium electrolytes to keep you hydrated and 200 mg of caffeine from unroasted coffee beans and green tea to give you a boost. It only has 15 calories and no sugar.

Kill Cliff Ignite

Kill Cliff Ignite is a line of zero-sugar energy drinks with B vitamins, electrolytes, and 150 mg of caffeine from green tea. If you're looking for clean energy, you don't need to look any further. The brand was started by a former Navy SEAL as a way to keep giving money to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Every time a can is sold, the money goes to the Navy SEAL Foundation. You can try some of their best flavors, like Fruit Punch Knockout, Smashing Citrus, Legendary Lemon Berry, with the variety pack.

Hiball Energy Seltzer

Seltzers are very popular right now, and now they're even in your energy drinks. When you start to feel tired in the middle of the morning, you can fight it with a Hiball Energy Seltzer, which is sparkling water that has been infused with 160 mg of organic caffeine, organic ginseng, organic guarana, and B vitamins. The brand just added a Blood Orange flavor to its line of no-calorie, no-carb, and no-sugar drinks, but don't sleep on the Watermelon Mint or Wild Berry options either.

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All Phenoms Motivate

Not everyone needs 150 mg or more of caffeine, so companies are making products like All Phenoms Motivate. This purified sparkling water has added lemon juice, ginger, B vitamins, adaptogens (to support brain and nerve health) and nootropics (to help you focus) and a more manageable 80 mg of organic green tea extract. That's less than a typical cup of coffee, so you won't be up all night regretting what you drank.

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Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. From improved cardiovascular health to better sleep and improved mood, the list of potential benefits is impressive. 

Physical Benefits of Exercise 

Exercise helps you stay in shape by improving your body's ability to utilize oxygen, which increases your endurance. It also strengthens muscles and bones, helping to reduce the risk of injury and disease. Regular exercise can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce stress levels, balance hormones, regulate blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system, and improve digestion. All of these benefits contribute to better overall health for both men and women alike! 

Mental Benefits of Exercise 

Not only does exercise have physical benefits but there are mental benefits as well. Exercise boosts endorphins which can help combat depression and anxiety while also promoting better sleep patterns. People who exercise regularly report feeling more energetic throughout the day and often find that they can focus better on tasks at hand due to increased oxygen flow to the brain. Furthermore, exercise has been proven to increase self-confidence as individuals become stronger physically and mentally from regular bouts of activity.              

Emotional Benefits of Exercise 

Exercise isn't just about physical health — it also has great emotional health benefits too! Regular exercise helps people feel happier because it releases feel-good hormones (endorphins) into the bloodstream that improve moods almost immediately after beginning a workout routine. Additionally, since regular exercise builds stronger muscles (both literally and figuratively), individuals are able to take on challenges with more confidence than before due to increased self-esteem resulting from seeing results from their workouts. Finally, spending time outdoors or engaging in group activities like running clubs or yoga classes can provide invaluable social connections which further improve emotional wellbeing.  

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Drinking Energy Drinks for Workouts

If you’re looking for an energy drink that will help you power through your workout or exercise routine, any of the five drinks on this list should do the trick. Just be sure to read the labels carefully and follow recommended serving sizes to avoid overdoing it on caffeine or other ingredients. And if you want to learn more about natural alternatives to energy drinks like kratom and kava tea, checkout Shot of Joy. We offer a variety of products containing these powerful herbs that can give you the mental and physical energy you need to get through your day without all the sugar and artificial ingredients found in most energy drinks.

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