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Emotions are Energy: How to Control Your Signal

Do you ever feel like you’re completely at the mercy of your emotions? From an overwhelming sense of stress to an unexpected wave of joy, our emotional states determine how we approach each day. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, by understanding and nurturing emotional energy, you can gain greater control over your life and start living a more balanced existence. That's why we’re going to be discussing the importance of harnessing emotion as vital energy in order to better navigate life – read on to find out more!

What Are Emotions?

Let's begin with an introduction to emotions, information is likely to differ significantly from your current assumptions. Emotion is the sensation of a flow of energy through one's system. This is felt as either a narrowing, like tension, or a widening, like peace. The Latin root 'emotere,' from which we get the term 'emotion,' means "motion energy."

Emotional energy is neutral. Whether an emotion is happy or sad depends on the corresponding feeling sensation and physiological reaction. What you call joy, sadness, anger, or fear are all feelings. The significance of emotional energy is derived from your own interpretations of it. Everything we experience is carried on the waves of emotion. Seeing emotions as energy suggests they are dynamic resources that are better released and felt than suppressing them. Inadequate emotional intelligence and exhaustion from stress are both directly attributable to the latter.


    Emotions and the Brain

    Multiple noteworthy findings have substantially altered our understanding of the link between the emotional and analytical brain.

    • On the basis of neural wiring, our emotional brain responds to incoming information or stimuli more quickly than our analytical brain.
    • The emotional brain connects to the analytical brain with more neuronal circuits than the analytical brain connects to the emotional brain.
    • The emotional brain is interconnected with all brain regions, whereas the analytical brain is not.

    Emotional Energy

    Based on these findings, the emotional brain is deemed to possess executive function. It affects every decision, mental process, memory, and present experience. Your ability to comprehend, manage, and utilize your emotional energy successfully is crucial to your happiness.

    The bodily sensations you experience hold the secret to unlocking limiting patterns, reducing stress, and cultivating long-term happiness. In the form of sensation, your body provides a steady stream of dependable information about your experience. It's a repository of who you are at the most fundamental level, incorporating everything that has occurred to you and your dreams. Understanding the sensations of your body will transform your life. 

    The most crucial component of the happiness puzzle for many people is focusing on their physical sensations to change difficult emotions and improve emotional intelligence. This is especially true when you consider that sensory and emotional information are stored in the memory first, followed by thoughts and perceptions. This distinction provides hints for enhancing emotional intelligence and highlights the limitations of thought-based approaches alone.

    The nature of prolonged stress frequently results in the suppression of the body's energy reserves. This is sensed as contraction sensations. After engaging your internal resources in a safe and supportive manner, this occurs naturally. The feelings of enlargement and increased vitality that result make permanent enjoyment possible. From this safe, receptive, and present position, you retrain your brain and strengthen neuronal connections of happiness.

    Reconnecting with body sensations and emotions requires patience and faith. This is especially true because chronic stress disconnects you from your interior experience in order to protect you from overwhelming feelings and sensations. When you allow yourself to be directed gently and slowly by your body's natural rhythm for healing, relaxation is most effective. There is no benefit to rushing or forcing the healing process. It is essential that you feel both present and secure. Your intrinsic drive for homeostasis is constantly present and responds to your body's calls for healing when you pay attention to its signals.

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    Motivated to Move E-Motion

    Your nervous system is in constant quest of balance, thus the want to transfer your emotional energy is always present. 24/7, it regulates the equilibrium of your bodymind connection. Typically, this involves your innate desire to be happy by releasing any pent-up tension. Every time you experience constriction, tension, or any other bodily sensation, you have the chance to control your emotional energy. They are the internal messages of your mind that guides you toward equilibrium and happiness.

    Given the idea that emotion is truly energy in motion, it is essential to discern how it appears and feels in order to improve emotional awareness. The vast majority of individuals believe this entails analyzing, contemplating, and discussing their emotions. Although this strategy can generate initial awareness, it is ineffective over the long term. This strategy frequently impedes the process of expressing and managing emotions. This maintains the process of expression at the level of idea as opposed to genuine emotion or energy flow. To effectively express emotion, you must move your emotional energy by detecting sensations and releasing contracted states.

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    Body Mind Emotion

    It is normal for athletes and professional entertainers to experience anxiety before a major competition. They may experience a surge of energy accompanied by trembling, rapid heartbeat, pacing, vibrating feelings, and even nausea. These are all common bodily feelings associated with the release of emotion.

    In order to convey your emotional energy, you must tune in to your bodily experiences. It is potent, vibrant, and invigorating. If you immerse your awareness in your experiences, they will disclose what is occurring beneath the surface. These feelings may include, to name a few, tense, tingling, light, heavy, soft, smooth, hot, chilly, rumbling, or pressure. They will intelligently and naturally assist you in releasing any unresolved tension and achieving a higher level of balance. As you transition from contraction to expansion, you will typically feel lighter and more relieved, while simultaneously opening the path to enduring happiness. It's beneficial to your mind and body as a whole if you give yourself permission to ride the emotional wave of these sensations and help you find equilibrium again.

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    How It Works

    Let's take a closer look at body-mind emotional release in order to better comprehend the technique for expressing your feelings and achieving happiness. When you are free of your analytical brain's explanations, rationalizations, and thorough account of what has occurred, you have access to emotional relief. You cannot move beyond your current stage of healing and attain more enjoyment unless you stop dwelling on the specifics of what transpired and your sentiments of righteous protection around it. Your tale has power, but only to a limited extent. Once you allow yourself to experience your emotions and sentiments without discussing or rationalizing them, you advance to the next level.

    When you apply attentive attention to contraction sensations with an open mind and a sense of curiosity, you urge them to release. It is potent, vibrant, and energizing. You allow your body to experience the emotions it was unable to release at the time of a potentially challenging incident. It's similar to an internal sigh of relaxation that spreads throughout your body and mind. From this place of internal trust and relief, you may now employ the good positive thinking of your analytical brain to change your belief system. This mental and physical state makes permanent bliss a reality.

    Body Mind Listening

    Listening to and deciphering the body's messages may seem difficult at first. The messages can be subtle, and you may question or distrust your emotions. Best efforts should be made to eliminate all preconceived notions and cultivate an attitude of receptive curiosity. Then, believe what comes to mind. When you simply listen to it, the body provides extremely insightful, accurate, and useful advice. You gradually improve the clarity of the communications and eliminate any static that prevents you from listening on a deeper level. In addition, regular practice enables you to observe patterns in your body's messages and their relationship to your health and other elements of your life. This procedure is always most effective when you let your body to guide you rather than trying to force or rush it. This requires some patience and faith. In general, the time spent doing this, regardless of how long it may be, is considerably more fulfilling than the time spent on emotional suppression. The benefits are also far more durable and potent.

    Expectations: The Body Sensations Cycle

    An important goal of moving and expressing your emotions is to develop compassion for your body. Try not to analyze or assess the sensations you are observing; instead, simply tune in, observe, and notice them. Through your presence and receptivity, you will perceive a change in the sensations. Allow the shifts to occur as much as possible while remaining present and monitoring them. The process of unwinding is accompanied by a variety of sensations that fluctuate, intensify, and diminish. As mentioned earlier, these sensations may include trembling, twitching, shaking, tension, nausea, and heaviness, as well as the need to yell, stomp your feet, or pound your fists. These common experiences match your inherent abilities to fight or flee with your hands, feet, or voice. Over the course of seconds to minutes, these sensations frequently alter throughout the body. For instance, they may travel from the stomach to the esophagus and then to the hands. The sensations will then begin to alter, becoming tingling, light, open, smooth, quiet, relaxed, or any of a variety of other relaxing sensations.

    Sensation Compared to Thought

    If a particular issue comes to mind during this process, do your best to remain with the experience and avoid thinking about the issue. Try not to analyze or assess the reasons behind your emotions. Occasionally, the messages you receive, such as tension or discomfort, may prompt you to release or heal the issue. At other times, the messages may act as reminders or help you recognize patterns that you wish to enhance or alter. Other messages may not make sense at the time, but they may help you comprehend an aspect of your life over time. Important to remember not to judge, but rather to listen. If expressing an emotion or verbalizing anything feels natural, do so. Reclaiming what was lost in both your body and your thinking is a part of the unwinding process. You can regain your power by speaking up for what should be said or done.

    The quality of your bodymind listening skills has a direct bearing on your ability to use this knowledge to produce increased health and happiness. For instance, many people are aware that tension headaches are usually triggered by stress, although they only notice the headache once it manifests physically. Perceived stress causes the body to exhibit subtle indicators of tension, which, over time, might develop as a tension headache. Wouldn't it be good to notice (hear) the messages being delivered to modify your posture, mood, or environment prior to the onset of a headache? You possess this skill. It merely demands the development of bodymind listening skills.

    Controlling Your Energy

    As you can see, your emotions are very much like energy – they’re constantly moving and affecting those around you. The good news is that you can control your signal.By using the techniques we described above, you can start to take control of your emotional state and improve your overall well-being. 

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